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Perfume suggestion

My mother looooooves this perfume called "Lovely" by Sarah Jessica Parker. But the fragrance is being phased out.

I wanted to know if anyone knows a similar fragrance that I can recommend to my mom.

I know that the physical stores have some sort of perfume match maker --- but I don't live anywhere near a Sephora store.


Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Re: Perfume suggestion

Yes Narcisco Rodriguez ! Like dolce said it smells similar and it's amazing. 

Re: Perfume suggestion

One popular dupe for Lovely is  Narciso Rodriguez for her:


Unfortunately, it's a much more expensive dupe, but it's frequently compared to Lovely, so maybe give that a shot? One way to save a little on it is to get one of the Sephora Favorites samplers. The $65 one has a sample for NR and you can use the voucher to get the 1.6 oz eau de toilette (normally $78):

Re: Perfume suggestion

Thank you! I haven't smelled lovely, but I have the NR fragrance and my mom is at a distance so I can't compare. I will send her a small one for her to try!

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