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Perfume Etiquette?

Any advice on how to deal with a really strong perfume smell?


I was at a play last night, and we were seated like sardines.  The woman sitting on the other side of my fiance was wearing the STRONGEST musk scent, which started giving me a migraine after about 15 minutes.  It was a 3 hour long play.


I didn't say anything, I just took 3 ibuprofen and sucked it that really all that can be done in a situation like that?  The theater was sold out so we couldn't change seats. 


Re: Perfume Etiquette?

 that's the problem I have with perfume…it's hard to tell how many sprays!  Some formulas are lighter, others are stronger and last longer.  If I spent the money, I want people to be able to smell it, but not to offend/choke them.  I mean, it's a nice feeling when someone says "oh you smell so nice! What are you wearing?".  No one has called me out on anything negative about my perfumes yet…..I hope no one is lying to me and that I am spraying it properly every time, lol.

Re: Perfume Etiquette?


I hate when people where perfume to doctor's appointments. You have no idea what sort of health problems people have, and your perfume could be triggering something for them. I went to a migraine specialist a few years ago, and a woman in the waiting room was wearing the strongest perfume. She was on the other side of the room, and I could still smell her. Strong scents are known to trigger migraines--I couldn't fathom why she thought wearing a perfume to a migraine specialist where everyone in the room had migraines would be a good idea. I'm sorry, but I thought it was really rude.

Re: Perfume Etiquette?

Scent really does quickly cause your body to freak out in weird ways! I am that way with lilies, and I had to leave a friend's wedding early once because the centerpieces were lilies!  We didn't mention why we were leaving, and stuck it out as long as we could (til about 11pm).

Re: Perfume Etiquette?

Oh gosh Urbie, I think we may have sat next to the same woman! I was at the rock and roll hall of fame concert a few years back and the woman next to me literally bathed in perfume before she came to the concert. I paid a ridiculous amount of $ for my tickets and was not willing to move. However, I don't get migraines- I get asthma attacks and sneeze like I'm trying to get in the Guinness book of world records. I did ask her to move down a seat or two (there were open seats on her side) and she reacted like she didn't speak English (which I know she did). Ok fine! So after sneezing like a normal, respectful person into my sleeve for the first few hundred times and no longer being able to see the stage because my eyes are tearing, I started just sneezing towards her direction more and more until she finally moved!!! Yeah, I know I'm a horrible person but I did ask nicely. Anyone could've seen I was close to death. This is why the ADA (American disability act) says it's discrimination if your employer doesn't try to make reasonable accommodations at work if you are sensitive to smells. Unfortunately, it's not enforceable in theaters so I take matters into my own hands. 


Girl, I say work on your best fake sneezes!!!! Nothing clears a room faster! Smiley Happy

Re: Perfume Etiquette?

Too funny, hessychris!  Yeah, nothing like a fear of the plague to get someone to move away from you.  

Re: Perfume Etiquette?

My Dad has a problem with fragrances as well.  My mom has never been able to wear perfume since she began dating my dad when she was 16!


When I was younger, in high school, I had to always carry my perfume in my purse and/or bookbag and apply it when I got out of the house!


Still, when I go visit my parents, I have to remind myself not to wear perfume over there. Sometimes I forget, and I am quickly reminded. He can seriously sniff out even the lightest hints of smell and will say as soon as you walk in the door, "Well thanks for giving me a soon-to-be-headache today!", and will quickly take an aspirin. Well, gee...I didn't mean to. LOL

Re: Perfume Etiquette?

That's so funny -- my dad is the same way (and I'm really sensitive to fragrance, too, but just not in the same way he is). He HATES the smell of nail polish and claims it makes the whole house smell -- it doesn't bother me, but I have to remember to paint my nails somewhere with the door closed. Smiley Happy

Re: Perfume Etiquette?

Perfume is tricky, because every scent is different, and every person's skin chemistry is different.


For me, I do a few sprays for most of my perfumes, as I have a 30 minute commute to work and whatever I'm wearing will always soften up in that space of time. I also carry my perfume with me b/c no matter the scent, they never seem to last more than couple of hours on my skin!


I do wish people would be more careful about how much they wear, and consider *where* they are. Ex: guys wearing crazy amounts of cologne, to the gym of all places! Their body heat makes the scent even stronger, and mixed with the smell of sweat, it's just.... Smiley Surprised gross.

Re: Perfume Etiquette?

Ick, I hate the gym-smell. The guys that drown themselves in half a bottle of deodorant/body spray/cologne then wonder why everyone is giving them the side-eye when they're projecting a cloud of fragrance through the entire gym. No, we're not eyeing you because you're sexy, we're eyeing you because you're disgusting.

Re: Perfume Etiquette?

Maybe she's a tad European in nature? 


I used to go to grade school with this kid whose family was old-school European. Instead of routine showers and using deodorant, he would constantly cover himself in layers of cologne.

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