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Perfume Etiquette?

Any advice on how to deal with a really strong perfume smell?


I was at a play last night, and we were seated like sardines.  The woman sitting on the other side of my fiance was wearing the STRONGEST musk scent, which started giving me a migraine after about 15 minutes.  It was a 3 hour long play.


I didn't say anything, I just took 3 ibuprofen and sucked it that really all that can be done in a situation like that?  The theater was sold out so we couldn't change seats. 


Re: Perfume Etiquette?

In that situation, I don't think there is anything you could have done.  I'm sure she didn't leave her house meaning to offend anyone.  I'm sorry you were so uncomfortable.  But yea, sometimes you just can't smell your own perfume.  

Whenever I wear any scent, I don't smell it on myself after a while, but others tell me they can smell it.  I'm sure she didn't realize.  It is sad, though, that you were so uncomfortable during a performance, but tis' just one of those things.  


The only thing I could think of is maybe saying you have an allergy, explaining nicely….and asking management to sit her on an end seat.  This way she wouldn't feel as though you thought she smelled bad, as opposed to you just having a reaction.

Re: Perfume Etiquette?

Out of curiosity, are you sure that wasn't just body odor?  Not that you would have been able to do anything differently, but we have a temp. engineer working for us right now who positively reeks of musk, and I know she feels "perfume is a waste of precious resources."

Re: Perfume Etiquette?

Oh dear!  No, it was definitely a perfume smell, but an "older lady" perfume (can't put my finger on which one).  The strange part was that she was a younger woman.

Re: Perfume Etiquette?

That *stinks* for   Smiley Wink


She may not have realized how strong her perfume was.  Sometimes we cannot smell our own scents as strongly as others can.  


I hope you were able to enjoy the play despite the smell.  

Re: Perfume Etiquette?

Luckily it was a fantastic play, so once the pain killers kicked in I could deal with it.  Smiley Happy

Re: Perfume Etiquette?

I don't think there's much else you could do if you want to see the show. Options that I see would be 1) leave, 2) ask her to leave, or 3) ask management to ask her to leave. I don't think management would get involved unless it were so incredibly over the top that the entire house smelled. And even if you did have the chutzpah to ask her to leave, I don't see that ending well. Smiley Wink


I'm sorry. I've had similar situations at the theatre and it is so upsetting when you spend that kind of money to have an experience ruined by <insert thoughtless or rude behavior here>.

Re: Perfume Etiquette?

Yup, it was definitely a bummer- I wouldn't probably have ever said anything because I am super shy, but wearing strong perfume to something like a play seems kind of rude to me in general.  Like, people would look at you really weird if you like, applied your lipstick to all the people sitting around you or dressed them in your coat/scarf/etc- why is perfume any different?  Don't share it with people who haven't asked! Grrr.

Re: Perfume Etiquette?

lots of older people tend to go to theatre more. and as you age you lose your sense of smell and gravitate towards stronger scents... even younger people can have scent issues. i think it's wrong to assume the person is rude for wearing a perfume, i hardly think she aimed at upsetting people with her scent. Unless she pulled out a bottle next to you and proceeded to spray it it's not rude. I'm very sensitive to scents and usually carry benadryl. I dont get offended or say anything unless people are spraying perfume in an inappropriate area.

Re: Perfume Etiquette?

Hahahaha - now I have a picture of you going over to her at intermission and saying, "Hi! I'm going to give you a free makeover now. Pucker up!!" <zooming in with fire engine red lipstick....>

Re: Perfume Etiquette?

Heh heh time Smiley Wink


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