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Not thrilled about NEST perfumes :(

I received the mini set today, and I desperately wanted to love all of the fragrances. Sadly they do nothing for me. While the notes sound interesting I theory, on me they smell kinda awful! Way too alcohol-y, not the rubbing kind but like straight up cheap booze. Even after drying down the scents either disappeared or became rather boring. Sigh, guess I'll have to keep looking for my new scent obsession, but at least the bottles are gorgeous and look pretty on my dresser alongside all my other minis.

Re: Not thrilled about NEST perfumes :(

My mini set should arrive today and I'm interested to see what I think.  I love the description and notes of Midnight Fleur.


I agree, how scents react on each person can be very different.  D&G Light Blue is amazingly popular.  I cannot wear it, and I've tried more than once.  On me it smells like musty wool sweaters.  (No, I don't know why, but that's all I can smell.)  I love Guerlain perfumes in general but I'm really glad DH decided against getting Shalimar (which he was going to get because his mum likes it) and got Samsara instead.  I like the smell of Shalimar but it's awful on me (and I love the notes in Samsara, so fate was kind there).


At least the bottles are pretty, and if they're too expensive to just be pretty you can at least return them.

Re: Not thrilled about NEST perfumes :(

One of my favorite sales associates at LUSH could not wear their Imogen Rose perfume.  It smells like roses on all the other girls who work there (and on me) but on this poor, particular girl, it smelled like pickles!!! Body chemistry is so funny!

Re: Not thrilled about NEST perfumes :(

How unfortunate! What a strange difference in how it smelled too!

Re: Not thrilled about NEST perfumes :(

My local store had these in stock when I was there today.  All I can say is OMGolly!   I actually loved every one of the scents.  The White Sandalwood did not strike my fancy when I sniffed it in the bottle, but I tested it on a test strip and my arm to find that it smells totally different than it does in the bottle.  In the bottle it smells more like a man's fragrance while on the test strip and my skin, it smells kind of like coconuts mixed with something else. 

Re: Not thrilled about NEST perfumes :(

Sorry to hear that you were so disappointed.  I own the White Sandalwood and I really like it.  Fragrance is so personal.  I have smelled scents on other people and loved them but when I try them on it smells like bug spray so I know how you feel.  Good Luck finding something that you will love!

Re: Not thrilled about NEST perfumes :(

sorry you were disappointed - the midnight fleur is my favorite - maybe one of them will grow on you Smiley Happy

Re: Not thrilled about NEST perfumes :(

I have the full size in Dahlia & Vines and really like it. Smiley Happy

Re: Not thrilled about NEST perfumes :(

Dahlia and Vines is nice but it didn't last long on me Smiley Sad but I'm really glad you like it! 

Re: Not thrilled about NEST perfumes :(

I guess it's different on everyone (body chemistry, sebum). Sorry it didn't work out for you, hon.

Re: Not thrilled about NEST perfumes :(

I wish that there was at least one you had liked.

For me, I only like 2 out of the box (the same ones I already owned). I agree the bottles are gorgeous.

Scents are subjective.


I hope you find a new scent that gives a "Wow" soon.

Re: Not thrilled about NEST perfumes :(

Interesting!!! I got mine and I'm working my way through them. I love Midnight Fleur, and to me Dahlia and Vines smells like a longer lasting Tocca Bianca (which I love but has no staying power on me) 


I found them to be quite long lasting, and no gross alcoholy smell at all.

Perfumes never cease to amaze me with that-  Chanel Allure is my mom's favorite scent and it is all she wears, and on me, it reads "gross old booze"  like you say these do!  The chemistries of our bodies are so complex and different.  I'm sorry they didn't work out for you! But yes, the bottles are gorgeous!

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