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Nirvana Bourbon Discontinued??

Does anyone know if Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon has been discontinued? I can’t seem to find it at any Sephora. I’m really hoping it’s not discontinued... it takes me FOREVER to find a scent that I actually like 😫

Re: Nirvana Bourbon Discontinued??

I know this post is a few months old, but I also love the bourbon scent. I found it online at Ulta. I'm wondering if they are moving the brand from sephora to ulta now? they seem to have all the scents just not the dry shampoos.

Re: Nirvana Bourbon Discontinued??

@bml619thanks for sharing this! Possible good news for Nirvana fans!

Re: Nirvana Bourbon Discontinued??

Hi @mislizzierae,


Unfortunately this scent is no longer available online. I suggest that you contact your local store to see if they may have it in stock. I hope that this helps. 




Re: Nirvana Bourbon Discontinued??

I just purchased one on Groupon for 14.99 they had a few of the fragrance rollerballs around the same price point

RE: Re: Nirvana Bourbon Discontinued??

That’s so heartbreaking. Thank you for your reply

Re: Nirvana Bourbon Discontinued??

Hi @mslizzierae , It looks as though all of the Elizabeth and James products are being discontinued.  I've had some luck finding rollerballs at Winners/TJMaxx and am hoping to find some full sizes at some point as well.  @pocketvenus started a great thread to offer up some suggestions of dupes.

RE: Re: Nirvana Bourbon Discontinued??

I’ll have to try TJ maxx, thank you!
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