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New fragrance?

HI, I would love to know if anyone could help me find the name of a fragrance?  I smelled it over a year ago and still haven't figured out what it could be.  A lady in her early twenties was wearing it, it smelled like a cross between caramel/ sweet, but floral at the same time.  It's NOT Prada Candy, or anything I have smelled since.  Any help would be appreciated.  I realized later I should have asked her what she was wearing....

Re: New fragrance?

Burberry Brit - Sheer?????

Think of the bright side, you are going to discover some great perfumes while you are on your hunt!

Re: New fragrance?

I would try Guess by Marciano. It has a  caramel sweet smell.


Re: New fragrance?

Viktor + Rolf Flower Bomb? That's a lovely sweet one. You might take a look over at The Perfumed Court's website and get one of their sampler sets if you really, really can't find That One. Good luck!

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