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New NEST fragrances, opinions?

It's been a long week at school, so I will relax by daydreaming about new perfumes. Has anyone tried the NEST line? do they have good wear and silage? Any info you can share will be greatly appreciated!

Re: New NEST fragrances, opinions?

My local Sephora had all 5 fragrances. I ended up picking up Dahlia and Vines, I am in love! It lasts forever. Dahlia and Vines in particular is a floral scent, but with a bit of a fruity kick in the best kind of way.


If I bought another one, I would go with Amazon Lily. It's a fresh/clean scent. Pessiflora is similar to Dahlia and Vines, but more on the floral side. It was very nice, but I liked the extra kick that D&V had to offer.


I'm not a girl that likes darker/muskier/heavier scents, so naturally I was not inclined to like the other two. From what I can remember, Midnight Fleur was floral but with a more sophisticated undertone. White sandalwood was the one I liked the least, but if you are a sandalwood fan this is probably a good choice for you.

Re: New NEST fragrances, opinions?

so i just  got a sample of midnight fleur in the mail, and i gotta say i'm impressed. i spritzed it on my wrist late afternoon, maybe 3 or 4, and i could still faintly smell it at 8 am when i woke up in the morning. that's pretty much the longest wear time i've had with any perfume, and i'm addicted to the expensive stuff (byredo and atelier cologne are my faves).

Re: New NEST fragrances, opinions?

I went with the NEST Midnight Fleur rollerball. It is 7+ hours after applying to inner wrist area (only) and it is still very present on my skin. It changes as it dries down, as to be expected (I feel in a nice way)...I think that Victoria Jent's perfume blog describes it rather well. The scent is very similar to what she wrote, imo.

For whatever reason, it reminds me of the season Autumn.



Re: New NEST fragrances, opinions?

i got the email too and i really want to check them out! i was thinking of emailing the company and asking for samples to see how i like them Smiley Happy because those bottles are beautiful! i'm very intrigued Smiley Happy

Re: New NEST fragrances, opinions?

i second this! i'm so intrigued by their line, but i just want a sample since it's not in stores! where did you find those reviews?

Re: New NEST fragrances, opinions?

Hi LCResz,


I have also been curious about the NEST line. So tempting! I found a site that has an interesting review stating they have sillage and "above average longevity" in both spray and rollerball. The second place I found actually had some customer reviews and it seemed the majority of reviewers felt the same as what I had read at the previous site.

I did not notice if the Body and Soul Sprays had good wear or sillage, sorry.


I did order the rollerball of the Midnight Fleur (sounds like an interesting scent, to me) to check it out Smiley Happy



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