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Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

Sephora needs to carry the mini fragrance sample containers like the ones at Nordstrom.


I buy my fragrances only if I have a sample to test at home.

What smells lovely in the tester may change on me & doesn't work for me. 


Example: I love Paloma Picasso perfume. The way it smells in the tester & on others. However, when i wear it, after about an hour, the fragrance changes on me & it isn't for me. I've sniffed my wrists, sniffed the bottle, two different scents.

Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

That's pretty ridiculous that they don't have those at your sephora. I've been to three different ones (two stand alones and one SiJCP) and they have all had those... 

Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

I've never once been into a Sephora that didn't have tiny plastic vials to decant a perfume sample into.

And I've been to, ummm lemme count...... 9 Sephoras I think? In 3 different states.


If you have a store that isn't giving samples, give Sephora a phone call and let them know about that.

Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers


I have to travel a lot & enjoy going to the malls. Every mall I've ever been in with a Sephora store, I go in to see what they carry since stores vary, especially south vs, north.


I did discover something I didn't know about samples everyone needs to know about!

All four stores had samples in the drawers under the brand display. Not foils, they were deluxe mini's. I was on a mission Monday so went to all four Sephora's.


I knew they had testers & clear Ziplock looking bags in the drawers, I never knew they were actual samples in those bags until I asked one SA standing over a brand display, saw the Glamglo Pods in the baggies. I asked for samples of stuff I was interested in & if they had them in drawers, the SA's gave me one.


I was really surprised at one store that had GLAMGLOW BRIGHTMUD™ Eye Treatment. I was given two packs. I got other skincare deluxe samples as well. Some samples were sealed in individual plastic bags like the SHISEIDO
Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream.


 I got a bunch of other deluxe samples from the drawers beneath the displays from all four stores. I was specific about brands & skincare. Also, I asked for samples that were behind the register, they varied store to store. 


I wanted to get a sample of Amazon Lily. That's why the fragrance vials thread. None had vials. One store SA told me about the Nordstrom fragrance vials. 


BTW, I didn't make a single purchase at any store. I went in with intent to get samples of products i was interested in trying before buying. I made that very clear to every SA that I wasn't in the store to purchase a thing without a sealed sample.





Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

Knowing this is going to make my quest for a not-vanilla perfume easier. Thanks for dropping that update!

Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

well, in my Raleigh area Sephora, they certainly don't give out perfume fact the few times I shopped in store by myself, I got not-very-nice looks for trying on more than a few perfumes (using the tester and spritzing onto the provided paper slips). Only when I go in the store with my husband do they seem to ever take me more seriously... *sigh*

Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

Oh dear, that's not nice. The only downside to multiple tries at once is that the top notes would all mix in your nose at once instead of being individually distinguishable. Still, the associates should have tried to help you instead of giving that impression. Sad!

Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

Yeah, the scents do mix together if I try them consecutively. But I try to wait at least a minute between each scent and also I take a sniff of the coffee beans provided to clear my sense of smell. I live far away from the mall/beauty stores so whenever I do get to go to a Sephora for example, I have to concentrate my swatching or perfume testing during those times b/c it's not possible for me to return on separate days to try out products given the drive. 

Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

I just saw someone with a brilliant sample strategy, I'm in awe!


Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

Oh I love that idea!! Thanks for the link TheSocialQuota and thanks for the ingenious tip m3rmald!!

Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

Hey thanks! Smiley Happy Keep in mind tho, those aren't proper samples, just "sniffs" to give me an idea of which ones I want samples of.

Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers


Fragrances oftentimes change once applied to skin. That's a picture of me.

Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

Absolutely correct, but again, it's to give me an idea of what to get an actual sample of to try on. I'm not about to buy anything that I can't even stand the smell of on paper... 😉

Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

Agreed, I've been educating myself on Basenotes to learn about how PH and the phases a scent goes through from the first sniff to hours later. It is amazingly complex, and now I know why that paper slip won't give me a clue about what I would actually smell like in two hours.

Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

Sounds like Crabtree.

Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

'Tis the Crabtree Mall Sephora indeed. It's not a big store...I've been the huge Paris Champ Elysee Sephora before and gotten 5 star treatment there, but every time I go to the *prestigious* Crabtree mall, somehow it just feels that I'm not 'good enough' to be there. Having low self confidence to start out with, I just try to avoid shopping in store and do most of my Sephora shopping online. Smiley Happy 

Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

Boo! I know what you mean, I usually don't dress the part when I do my shopping. That usually means I don't get the same service as more nicely dressed people despite having the funds. :/

Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

 Beauty4ashes, I completely agree with your statements! Nordstrom is tops with their customer service.

This is very poor customer service in your geographical area that needs to be dealt with from headquarters.


 In my area and in all of the Sephora stores I have been to, they have always given me fragrance samples in plastic spray vials.


I'm sorry to hear about your experiences. You should definitely call corporate headquarters..better yet, hopefully a Sephora employee will see this forum complaint and personally respond to you!

Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

A lot of Sephora's have them, they just don't leave them out because people will take multiples rather than buying the product unfortunately. BAs are usually happy to give out samples though. Just ask. 

Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

Of course I asked. That's why I posted this suggestion. No luck or samples in the little mini containers. There are FOUR/4 Sephora stores within a 20 mile range where I live. 


Where are all these "Happy BA's" with samples you're talking about? Please understand that I'm not directing my discontent at you. There are widespread discrepancies regarding samples BA's/SA's even within the same Sephora store.


That's why the Nordstrom mini fragrance containers would be perfect. I purchase ALL my fragrances from Nordstrom because of how they provide fragrance samples. The samples in the sealed little foil packets never interact with skin like the actual product.


Please tell me what fragrance samples you've received in those little clear containers that range from 1.0 mL/1.5 mL

Also, you can get samples that are in Spray Form in those Nordstrom mini fragrance take home testers. I've had many sales associates at Nordstrom spritz straight from spray bottle cologne into the plastic mini take home samples.  

Re: Mini Fragrance Sample Containers

I completely understand your discontent. I have had BAs lie to me about samples and it makes me so mad that Sephora doesn't have everything at every store. Nordstroms is wonderful . I prefer buying stuff there at the mall compared to Sephora because of their amazing return policy and the ease of it. I have been to Sephoras and had no problem returning items and then came in different times and was basically interrogated as to why I was returning the product. I have never had that issue at Nordstroms. 

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