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Long lasting scent??

I love Philosophy's Amazing Grace line and it's my usual go-to on a daily basis.
My last order from Sephora came with a sample of Marc Jacob's Daisy and I loved it! The only problem with both of these scents is the lasting power....there is none.

Can someone please suggest a Spring/Summer scent that smells good AND lasts for longer than an hour or two?? I don't want a perfume that is too "young" as I'm 39 and don't want to smell like a teen.

Any help would be great! Thanks so much! Smiley Happy

Re: Long lasting scent??

Hi Ginger74!


I suggest trying Gucci's Flora By Gucci Eau Fraiche. This fragrance is comparable to the fragrances you love, but it is extremely long lasting. Smiley Happy upload_5195497933997045523.jpg

<3, Randee

Re: Long lasting scent??

Thanks! I'll check this one out! Smiley Happy

Re: Long lasting scent??

Lighter, fresher scents tend to have a shorter wear-time as the components don't have as much gravity and body to them compared to things like amber, sandalwood, and musk. Obviously with it being Spring/Summer, tastes don't immediately jump to these scents as heat can magnify them and make them too heavy and strong smelling for day time wear.


My suggestion would be to create a fragrance wardrobe by layering products of the same scent or similar scent to prolong the wear of a fragrance.


There are tons of gift sets available that have coordinating washes, lotions, creams, and a perfume itself.


Amazing Grace Gift SetAmazing Grace Fine Perfume Gift SetDaisy Gift Set


Not only are these kits a great value, they allow you to build upon the fragrance, allowing traces of the scent to be built up in layers as to not fade away as quickly. You can also mist clothing prior to wear to ensure the scent is present there too.


Another thing to keep an eye for is knowing what exactly you're buying. Splashes have a high water content, making the fragrance emitted very mutable (ever notice how young girls starting off with wearing scents tend to over do it with splashes because they "can't smell them enough"?), eau de toilettes contain a blend of alcohol and fragrance oil and these are more common in the fragrance world and can traditionally give about 3-5 hours of wear time, eau de parfums contain an even higher dose of fragrance/perfume oil, making it last even longer than EDTs (about 4-7 hours), while parfumes or actual "perfumes" contain the highest content of fragrance oil, making them the most potent (more rare to find and also pricier).


Marc Jacobs Fragrance - Daisy Eau de ParfumMarc Jacobs Fragrance - Daisy


The black bottle is an eau de parfum for Daisy, while the set pictured does contain the EDP as well. The clear bottle is the eau de toilette.


Philosophy - Amazing Grace FragrancePhilosophy - Amazing Grace Fragrance

The pink label bottle is the EDT, while the clear bottle is the EDP, and now Amazing Grace is available as a "fine perfume" from Philosophy (below).

Philosophy - Amazing Grace Fine Perfume


You can always keep a fragrance atomizer to spritz throughout the day for touch ups or keep a roller ball for convenient applications on the go.


Philosophy - Amazing Grace FragrancePhilosophy - Amazing Grace Fine PerfumeMarc Jacobs Fragrance - Daisy Rollerball

Re: Long lasting scent??

Thanks for the tips but I have the "fine perfume", the body spray, the body wash, the lotion, the whipped lotion, and the oil of Amazing Grace and no matter how I layer it, the scent is gone within an hour. 
It's such a beautiful, clean, scent and I adore it....but the lasting power is just not there. (I still wear it, I just wish it could last a bit longer! lol)

Re: Long lasting scent??

It's possible that its formula just wears shorter with your body chemistry, possibly developing rather quickly to where it loses it's scent.


If you're willing to give the MJ Daisy set a try, it's still a killer deal.


If you're wanting something entirely new that doesn't stray far from the Amazing Grace and Daisy, check out:





This will walk lines similar to the AG, both scents are light, airy, and very transparent; however, the PDKNY is a little more advanced and less simplistic in its formula. That's not to say it's a heavy mix of numerous scents, but it shares the notes of jasmine, rose, and freesia with AG, but gives it a bit of warmth and pull with vanilla and sandalwood. The vanilla aspect is very subtle in this and is actually the top note, meaning that aspect will dissipate first. White amber also gives this some weight but isn't as strong as traditional amber.


For something that shares commonalities with MJ's Daisy, try the Tory Burch's signature fragrance:

Tory Burch - Tory Burch


Both are beautiful and feminine florals (MJD uses jasmine, violet, and gardenia while TB uses jasmine peony, and tuberose), the fruity touches are provided by grapefruit (MJD uses red and TB uses pink).


Another option would be Florence by Tocca:

Tocca Beauty - Florence


This shares the aspect of grapefruit, jasmine, violet, gardenia, musk, and the white woods with MJD. I find that the Tocca fragrances in general are a little more full-bodied and stronger, giving them longer wear times.



Re: Long lasting scent??

Acqua Di Gioia!

Re: Long lasting scent??


Re: Long lasting scent??

Anything by Chanel has had great lasting power. My favorite is Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. I wear it (I'm 24) and my mother wears it (she's 58). It starts out bright and fruity but wears into a sensual vanilla musk. I spritz it on in the morning, and I can still smell it the next morning before I shower. Love, love, love.


Re: Long lasting scent??

Hi! I am in my mid 30's too; I love Balenciaga's Rosabontanica (which is on sale on HauteLook right now) and I like Gucci's Flora Gardenia. They are my two favorites and are long lasting. My husband says he can still smell it when I get home from work. Sephora will give you multiple samples for fragrance; you should go get a couple. Smiley Happy 

Re: Long lasting scent??

Have you tried Clinique Happy? It has a lovely floral scent and lasts a long time!



Re: Long lasting scent??

Yup, I have Clinique's Happy and it was my go-to scent until I came across Amazing Grace. I like the scent, but it's another one that just did not last longer than an hour or two.

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