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Let's talk candles

Recently I started enjoying lightning up candles at home. Why didn't I realize how great they smell before? Smiley Happy

I purchased a couple of them from BBW, a couple from Pier 1, and a few from Ross. I really liked the peach smell from BBW Smiley Happy

So I started looking up candles more, and I was really surprised when I saw a $80 ones. I think I'd never justify a such price for a candle.

Who likes candles here? Smiley Happy

What are your favorite smells, brands, places to buy them? 

Please enable me Smiley Happy 

Re: Let's talk candles

I always scratch my head when I see candles priced this much, like Jo Malone. What are they scented with, gold? Smiley Very Happy

Re: Let's talk candles

I know right? Smiley Very Happy

Re: Let's talk candles

Yeah, that's what I am wondering too. But I am not going to lie, as much as I like Glade candles, the scents don't really last. From what I read, "drugstore" brands have a budget of probably $1 to $3 per a pound to spend on fragrance while more "prestige and expensive" brand has a higher budget. But with like some makeup brands, sometimes you just paying for the "name" and "marketing", because  the product is just plain sh!t...


But I am trying to keep my urges low and not spend more than $40 per a candle unless of course it lasts for  1500 burn time Smiley Happy [or I hit the lottery!]

Re: Let's talk candles

The BBW candles are nice... but I would just burn through them so fast (har har) so I switched to something cheaper. The Better Homes & Gardens candles from walmart are in pretty big jars (they have half jars too) and the smell is really, really good! I remember my mom bought me a candle from the dollar store and you would sniff the wax and it would smell like vanilla but then you'd burn it and it'd have no scent. The ones at Walmart last a long time and are $5.99! Also, Target has some great ones in the $10-15 and some of them are in really beautiful containers - they have one brand thats in a gold mercury style glass - I am definitely cleaning it out and using it to hold brushes when it's done!

Re: Let's talk candles

Thank you for the suggestions! I don't have Walmart anywhere near me, but I'll check Target out Smiley Happy

What's you favorite scent ? Smiley Happy 

Re: Let's talk candles

I actually do buy those crazily expensive candles! I do like the scents from BBW, but sometimes when I burn them, I get headaches from the scent. I have the same issue with Yankee Candle, but Diptyque doesn't bother me at all - I can burn them all day long! 

Re: Let's talk candles

Oh I hate when some smell gives me headaches! So if I decide to splurge on an expensive candle, what would you recommend? Smiley Happy 

Re: Let's talk candles

I do love the Diptyque! My favorite scents are Roses, the limited edition Rosa Mundi for Valentine's, Lilas, Chevrefeuille, Gardenia, Baies, Violette, and Choisya. Some scents are available in smaller sizes, plus there's a nice set of three scents, if you're just looking to try them before you pick up a bigger candle.

Re: Let's talk candles

They all sound amazing! Thanks a lot for your suggestion Smiley Happy I'll definitely will check them out Smiley Happy

Re: Let's talk candles

I'm dying for a diptyque candle, but I just can't make myself do it.... Hahaha

Re: Let's talk candles

I love love love love love candles. I can't hold back on the BBW ones when they are 2 for $22....This past year I bought about 10 of the Marshmallow Fireside, 12 Leaves, and about 20 Mahogany Teakwood. What can I say? I know what I like and I'm not too adventurous when it comes to candles. Those are the only 3 smells I want my place to smell like!!!!! Hahahahah....


Just kidding. Every once in a while when I'm walking around other stores I'll smell and grab a different one here and there. I do like beachy smells in the summer time, but when i can get my hands on the other 3 I stock up and usually have one continuously burning. 

Re: Let's talk candles

I really like Pure Integrity Candles. They smell great and the packaging is classy. I buy them online. I also like finding nice natural candles at TJMaxx (Paddywax & the like). They are less $$ but good quality.

Re: Let's talk candles

I just picked up Pineapple Mango and Pineapple Palm Grass this weekend at BBW.  I love the smell of Pineapple candles.  


Re: Let's talk candles

Whoops - sorry for the huge pictures. And terrible math!


My *THREE* favorites:

Choose Happiness (Target)


Capri Blue - Volcano (Anthropologie)


Paddywax - Bordeau Fig Vetiver (various locations)

Re: Let's talk candles

But really, Volcano by Capri Blue is EVERYTHING.

Re: Let's talk candles

Best ever. I want to buy the ginormo one. Maybe someday when I don't live in a 500 sq.ft. apartment. Smiley Sad


I will say, if you like Volcano, you probably will like the Choose Happiness candle from Target. I started buying that one because I got tired of shelling out $28 for Volcano every few months.

Re: Let's talk candles

Buying!  Thanks for the tip you enabler... Smiley Wink 

Re: Let's talk candles

*not sold online


The hunt begins!

Re: Let's talk candles

Just about any Target should have them! 


They weren't at my City Target location, but you should definitely be able to find them at any regular Target. And only half the price of Volcano! 


You're welcome! HA! Smiley Wink

Re: Let's talk candles

I have about 60 large BBW candles and countless of the minis. I have to keep an excel spreadsheet of all my BBW goodies. Before I became addicted to sephora it was VS and BBW. I have closets full of candles perfume body spray shower gel lotion etc


When the candles used to be 2 for 20 I would get 3 for 20 because I have so many $10 off $30 coupons so it's an awesome deal.

Re: Let's talk candles

My mother and I had serious B&BW hoarding problems. Thankfully, I also turned my addiction to makeup/skincare a year or two ago (or not so thankfully? more expensive hah)

But I still have a serious stockpile I've been slowly getting through.

Re: Let's talk candles

Last time around the holidays, BBW had a special on their 3 wick candles for $8 a piece, their normal promo is 2 for $22, so for two dollars more I was able to snag 3 candles at the super-sale rate.


To me, candle wax material matters, soy wax for example burns more clean and even, allowing you to actually burn and make use of the entire candle rather than most paraffin waxes which can be trickier to find one of good quality. I also find that the shape/design of the candle to its wick is important, that's why I like the 3 wick ones from BBW, the evenly spaced wicks allow for the larger candle to burn evenly and not just right down the center.


Henri Bendel makes some lovely vegetable based wax candles that smell divine. Their scents are a little more luxurious in its simplicity and also the design of the candle itself, scents such as Firewood and White Pepper are a little unexpected but really pretty.


Woodwick is another nifty line, the wicks are wooden and when you light them there's a subtle crackle and pop like you would hear from a fireplace. It's wonderful if you're in an area where you don't have a fireplace or doesn't get cold enough to use one. It brings that ambiance to you.


Pacifica is another brand with delicious and unconventional scents. Blood Orange, Mexican Cocoa, and Hawaiian ruby Guava are divine, they're also soy based as well.


I'm also a fan of scented oils and waxes (I have a few Scenty scents at home with a wall-plug in which don't tend to distribute fragrance as wide spread as their table top wax warmers, but some scents are stronger and you can mix wax cubes to create custom scents). The fragrance oils I have are from BBW, I love stocking up on holiday scents like Gingerbread and Mint Chocolate, I use them sparingly over the holidays then pack them up for the next year, they really scent a room quite quickly.

Re: Let's talk candles

Oh I forgot about mixing scents with little mini tarts/cubes! I love doing this Smiley Happy


I also didn't know Pacifica sold candles, and I must check out Woodwick now Smiley Happy You're awesome, enabler Lylysa Smiley Wink

Re: Let's talk candles

I love candles!  My favorites are from AI Root which is based in Ohio. They burn so much better than any other candles and come in so many amazing scents.   My favorites are Lavender, Hosta, Salted Caramel & Tangerine Lemongrass. They are actually having their spring sale now w/ 20% off purchases. Smiley Happy

Re: Let's talk candles

i pretty much only buy the bbw candles , i have tried so many brands even going to all the candle factories in Pennsylvania. they are the only ones that smell good and don't give me headaches . I have been tempted to buy the fancy expensive ones but i can't bring myself to spend that much on a candle lol  

my current favorite scent from bbw is gelato i tend to stick to the sweet dessert or fruit scented candles as thats all i can handle . i don't like how when you find a scent you love the next day its gone forever! i'm still sad about this raspberry truffle candle i loved thats gone now 

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