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Let's Talk... Perfume

Hey guys! So lately I've been so into perfumes. But hey, smelling good is important! I really like sweet and fresh scents, but not too overpowering. My current favorite is Anna Sui's Fairy Dance. It's HEAVENLY! And let's just take a second, the packaging is adorable!


What are your favorites?

Re: Let's Talk... Perfume

... and that bottle!!! Just looking at it makes me happy! Smiley Happy

Re: Let's Talk... Perfume

My favorite fresh scent is GAP so pink.


Re: Let's Talk... Perfume

I love this one too!

Re: Let's Talk... Perfume

I LOVE pretty much all of the TOCCA fragrances.  My ultimate favorite is Giulietta followed closely by Bianca.  

Re: Let's Talk... Perfume

I'm currently fixated with Tocca right now for my next fragrance purchase. Based on the descriptions, I've narrowed it down to Bianca, Violette, and Liliana. Bianca sounds divine (green tea, rose, and lemon? you had me at "green tea"), but I haven't seen it in a store to sample it yet.

Re: Let's Talk... Perfume



the packaging on that perfume is totally adorable! My favorites right now are body shops mango body mist (my signature scent) it is clean and sweet with fresh fruity notes and a few sprays finishes off any outfit and adds elegance and a boost of self-confidence!


my next favorite is Victoria secret pink's fragrance mist it has more of a mature stronger smell so it only takes about one or two sprays and it lasts a long time. I love the packaging as its young and fresh and totally my style! Smiley Happy

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