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Is Pinrose perfume "Clean at Sephora"?

Does anyone know if Pinrose is a Clean at Sephora brand?  I'm gettig conflicting info depending who I ask. I know they're paraben and phtalate free, but the girl helping me at Sephora told me Pinrose isn't given the Clean at Sephora label because it contains other ingredients that prevent it from being able to get that label.  However, when I emailed the company they told me they are apart of the Clean at Sephora range.  There's no green label either on the website or in the store, so I'm not sure who to believe.  Anyone know?  Thanks!!!

Re: Is Pinrose perfume "Clean at Sephora"?


It doesn’t look like it. If a line is “Clean” it will have a little green symbol. See picture attached. 5A85371B-D9DD-4342-A057-FF3C6554181D.jpeg


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