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I wish.....Marc Jacobs Honey rollerball

How many people would like to see a Marc Jacobs honey rollerball. My mom loves the smell, but doesn't want that much perfume, hence a rollerball would be perfect. I personally would love it if all the perfume originals had a rollerball. Any of the same opinion?

Re: I wish.....Marc Jacobs Honey rollerball

I think I would have to buy an antique serving cart to display all of my perfumes. Smiley Happy  I love having the pretty bottles and then a rollerball/purse spray to refresh scents that don't last that long.  Especially useful if I've worked out and showered midday and want to reapply my fragrance.  So I end up buying both.


Having too many perfumes won't stop me from going and checking out Honey sometime, however.  Maybe it will be in the next sampler set.  I love Daisy but they put it in so many sets!


Re: I wish.....Marc Jacobs Honey rollerball

That sounds so pretty. I need to figure out what I am going to do with all my perfumes, storage wise.

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