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I slipped and fell in love...whyyyyy

So I went to Nordie's and the lady at Jo Malone was sooo helpful.  Too helpful! (I kid she was really nice) I got sample of Grapefruit (didn't like), some muskier scents and Wild Bluebell...well ladies and gents I have fallen in love with wild bluebell!  OH NOEZ.  I'm fickle when it comes to fragrance (think Charlie Sheen trying to make good decisions) I fall in love and then BAM I'm off to the next lovely smell-good!


I'm trying hard to fight this new love, it's so expensive but it smells so f-ing good.  Even Hubster McSexy liked it.  Why don't fragrance makers sell small bottles?  I don't want to buy a bottle and it goes to waste. 


UGH I feel so stuck right now!


I looked up sites that sale smaller samples but I don't want to buy something that's not the real thing.


Any ideas?

Re: I slipped and fell in love...whyyyyy

The beauty of Jo Mallone us the layering go make something new. Their site gas pairings so you can turn bluebell into something different you may like. The smallest Jo Malone is small; smaller than other fragrances I've had. The issue us the cost. They are not inexpensive. 

Re: I slipped and fell in love...whyyyyy

I love JM! What size are you are looking for? I think 30ml bottle is actually really small. They have 9ml in a gift set from time to time, but honestly if you use it everyday, it will probably be gone by the end of two weeks.

Re: I slipped and fell in love...whyyyyy

I do direct patient care.  We aren't allowed to wear perfume due to patients and such.  I usually wear perfume on my days off and special occasions.

Re: I slipped and fell in love...whyyyyy

If you think 30 ml is still too much, you canprobably go on eBay and purchase a couple of samples Smiley Happy They are 1.5ml each.  

Re: I slipped and fell in love...whyyyyy

Jo Malone wild bluebell is my absolute favorite. I fall in and out of love with other scents but wild bluebell is always wonderful. I bought it in portland when I when on a shopping trip there at $60 for 30ml. I don't wear perfume on a regular basis either and only few occasions so it lasts such a long time. To me, it's great to have it around so I definely think it's worth it to buy the full sized (abeit smaller) bottle. It's really not too bad, price of 2 nars blushes or one nice foundation and last years (yes I really don't wear fragrance much Smiley Wink

Re: I slipped and fell in love...whyyyyy

I'm the same. I don't buy too much fragrance; I love to wear it but don't necessarily reach for it on a daily basis. FTR, I don't yet own Wild Bluebell but it is such a beautiful, sweet, floral scent. I haven't found another fragrance like it so far. newandaddicted, I think if you treat yourself to the small bottle of Wild Bluebell one of these days/months, you won't be disappointed. Smiley Happy And you can get a few extra samples to combine with it when you do!

Re: I slipped and fell in love...whyyyyy

I think I'm going to bite the bullet and buy the 30ml.  I'm wearing the last of my sample today and I just keep smelling myself  LOL.  Will head to Nordie's next weekend and pick it up.  I'm such an addict!

Re: I slipped and fell in love...whyyyyy

It may go quicker than you think, as well.  I do love Jo Malone scents, but they just don't last on me.  They're all light and fade over time.  So the 30 ml is the small size!

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