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If anyone has any extra bottles of Commodity Book or Commodity Bergamot laying around, PLEASE let me know...I will happily pay to take them off your hands! I’m heartbroken that I didn’t hear about their closing in time to stock up! 😫 Forever grateful, Your fellow Commodity Lover

Re: I(desperate)SO COMMODITY BOOK!!

@Gypsyqueen11 I haven’t tried the following suggestions, but Byredo Bibliotheque is marketed on their website as, “A world of old books, the scent of their leather-bound pages arranged on dark wood shelves.”

Maybe someone here can offer insight.


Also, for a more affordable option, Demeter Paperback is “A trip to your favorite library or used bookstore. Sweet and lovely with just a touch of the musty smell of aged paper, Demeter's Paperback harnesses that scent with a sprinkling of violets and a dash of tasteful potpourri.”  


It’s unfortunate that they discontinued their line.  Ideally you find something to replace it, and you enjoy it even more.


I have 4 local stores & they were already sold out of everything once I learned about the discontinuation 😫. Thanks for taking the time to respond anyway! I’ve found some on eBay to help me to postpone/ease my transition to a new fragrance. The day will come but I’m gonna make sure it’s as far into the future as possible! Cheers!

Re: RE: I(desperate)SO COMMODITY BOOK!!

@Gypsyqueen11  I have read that they are being found at TJ Maxx.

Re: RE: I(desperate)SO COMMODITY BOOK!!

@Gypsyqueen11 61 people on Fragrantica think Book smells like Le Labo's Santal 33 so maybe worth giving that a try? My honest opinion is that they are not alike, at least not the openings though it's been awhile since I smelled both. I recall Santal had a leathery quality to it.


Others are reminded of Zara's "Scent #1" but I've never smelled that.

Re: I(desperate)SO COMMODITY BOOK!!


Sephora doesn't allow discussion of selling/buying among members. Like @WinglessOne mentioned, be sure to check out your local store(s) if you can, or there's always eBay/poshmark etc. 

Re: I(desperate)SO COMMODITY BOOK!!

Have you checked your local Sephora store (assuming you have one nearby)? I have 4 local stores. One of them still had a surprising amount of Commodity bottles and candles last weekend. I was at another one yesterday—our flagship store that I’m sure gets the most customer traffic—and they still had maybe 5 or 6 bottles and a few travel sprays left. If you can get to a store and reeeeeally love certain Commodity fragrances (my faves are Orris, Leather, and Book), it’s worthwhile to see what’s still in stock! Smiley Happy

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