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How long do roller ball scents last?

How long do roller ball fragrances last? Do they last as long as perfume sprays? If so, why are they so cheap? Thanks for the help in advance guys!  Smiley Very Happy


xoxo,  ktgal Heart

Rollerball fragrances are generally eau de toilette (EDT)...

Rollerball fragrances are generally eau de toilette (EDT) which is less potent than eau de parfum (EDP), hence the less cost for the rollerball vs the EDP. EDT doesn't last as long on you because it has more alcohol or water diluting the fragrance components. If you want an all day scent, get the EDP.


But there isn't all that much fragrance in a rollerball applicator, so it actually costs you more per ounce. Take Taylor Swift Wonderstruck fragrance for example- you get .33 oz in the rollerball at $18 which works out to approx $55 per ounce (18 divided by .33). The full size 3.4 oz bottle costs $59.50 or $17.50 per ounce (59.5 divided by 3.4).  So in a given fragrance, it is more economical to buy the full sized bottle, but the convenience of a rollerball is nice.


As far as how long a rollerball of fragrance can last, it depends on how often you use it. I generally spray on a goodly amount of fragrance from my big bottle in the AM then use the rollerball to touch up during the day. The rollerball lasts about a month or so, using it that much.


Hope this helps!

Re: Rollerball fragrances are generally eau de toilette (EDT)...

Well that clears things up! Thanks for the info prettyinpa! Smiley Wink

Hi ktgal,    I have to agree with PrettyinPA, many roller...

Hi ktgal, 


I have to agree with PrettyinPA, many rollerball scents are EDT and are lighter scented (and slightly cheaper) than the full size parfum bottles they may also come in. 


I do the same, spray with a perfume bottle and carry a rollerball for touch ups. Of course some fragrances do smell slightly lighter or different in their rollerball casing, and in those cases you actually may prefer using a rollerball instead. 



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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