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How do I make my perfume smell?!?!


I love buying perfume ...but whenever I put them on, I can never smell it and neither can people around me.

Any ideas how to fix my problem?


Re: How do I make my perfume smell?!?!

I have the same problem and I've tried moisturizing and applying to pulse points and nothing. So today I went searching for a new scent and I tried everything including Alien. My friends couldn't smell it much either. They say the scents of today are very soft and that the vintage or older perfumes of the 80's were much stronger, some still exist today but their recipe's have changed with time too. I have  perfumes that I and my friends can smell. When I tried these initially in the shop, they would say oh it's so strong but to me they're just right for me. At least I can smell them and I can apply them with caution if I need to.

Samsara by Guerlain, Paris by Yves Saint Laurent, Byzance by? Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, CoCo by Chanel,D&G(red box) by Dolce and Gabana, Obsession by Calvin Klein, LouLou by ? Sahara by ? Poison by Dior, Madamoiselle by Chanel, that's all I can think of for now, some of these have been around since the 80's. Other people can smell these on me too. You can also try some unisex fragrances as well, you just need to do some study. Always try and get a sample before you buy because some fragrances I've been interested in, have been reviewed as head ache inducing and I've smelt them, only a to find a faint impression on my skin and within minutes it has faded away to nothing..  

Re: How do I make my perfume smell?!?!

In addition to mixing with lotion and where it's placed you should make sure the fragrance hasn't expired. Perfumes tend to good for around 3 years, but sometimes they'll expire faster if you keep them in warm places like bathrooms or in direct sunlight. If it's a new fragrance it could be that it just don't blend well with your natural scent. I've had fragrances turn sour on my skin, but smell great if I spray a light mist on my clothes. Also, something as simple as if you're sick or medicine you take. I know for me my perfumes can turn sour or not give off scent that well depending on how I'm feeling or my diet (medicine) I'm on.

Re: How do I make my perfume smell?!?!

We all have a unique body chemistry that reacts with the components of fragrance.  Gender, race, coloring, diet, medication and your skin’s dry or oiliness can all affect the way a fragrance smells from person to person.

Well-moisturized skin holds a scent better than dry skin, so applying an unscented body lotion (or a lotion of the same scent) before applying your fragrance will help it to last longer.  The oils in your hair help retain scent, but don’t make a habit of spraying fragrance into your hair because the alcohol contents can dry out your hair or fade color-treated hair.

Good luck and I hope you find a fragrance that works for you. Smiley Happy

Re: How do I make my perfume smell?!?!

I have had this problem for over thirty years.  It just seemed to happen overnight.  I'd hate to tell you how much money I've spent on perfumes! 


I've recently found Thierry Mugler's Angel.  I don't really like it that much but my husband loves it and that's a step in the right direction.  One suggestion that I might have missed here or perhaps wasn't given was to exfoliate my arms, etc. very well.  Problem is, I don't have terribly dry skin and I do use a shower net every day. 


I'm going to dry his other fragrances.  I hated Womanity but I haven't tried Alien yet.  I do like Angel Innocent much better than the Angel and I wear it combined with the Angel cream. And I accidentally found out that mixing my perfume with my non-scented lotion seems to make it last longer.


Good luck!   I know how exasperating this can be for someone who loves perfume! 

Re: How do I make my perfume smell?!?!

I believe your problem might be the perfumes specifically.  Although there are so many great perfumes out there, many are light, maybe due to people trying to be considerate in the workplace, etc.  Sometimes the brand just might want you to use more.  Although I love the classics, which are incredibly strong, like Estee Lauder Cinnabar, Giorgio Beverly Hills and Elizabeth Arden's Red Door (believe me, if you can't smell these, you need to see a doctor), I have noted that some more recent, "younger" perfumes seem to really have some stay power...specifically Thierry Mugler perfumes.  The main ones out are Angel and Alien.  My daughter wears Alien and it smells so good.  Angel is really strange when you first put it on...I did not like it at all, but if you can get through the first "scent storm", it drys down and becomes a really gorgeous perfume. They both go through a stage where they get light and then something magical happens and they get strong again, but a different, softer smell.  I have become a huge fan and am looking for other bands that do this.  Hope this helps.

Re: How do I make my perfume smell?!?!

Perfumes react differently to different people's skins. Maybe you just haven't found the one that reacts right with yours? What have you tried?

Re: How do I make my perfume smell?!?!

thanks for the replies

even the EDP for flowerbomb smell didn't last on me

But I'm putting it on my pulse points already

I'm so confused why this is the case

Re: How do I make my perfume smell?!?!

are you rubbing your skin after you apply the scent? if so, don't! that can cause the scent to wear off more quickly...i apply perfume to my pulse points. if i spray it on my wrists, i will only dab them once together or once on my neck. never rub. i also agree w/ the other suggestions about layering your scent w/ lotion. i'd hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your skin's pH levels might be the culprit if nothing else works for you...some people's body chemistry just naturally burns off scents more quickly...

Re: How do I make my perfume smell?!?!

In this case, I'd check review boards for the specific perfumes you've  purchased.  If other reviewers found the same issue, it could be that the product itself just doesn't have a scent that carries/lasts.  If, however, many people report great results, then it's possible that you either received a bad batch or that your body chemistry is different from these reviewers in a way that matters for this specific scent.  Good  luck!

Re: How do I make my perfume smell?!?!

Definitely apply to pulse point as other have mentioned.  But you may also want to layer your fragrances.  Use a body wash, lotion, and EDP/EDT of the same fragrance.  This will help strengthen the fragrance and make it last longer.  Check for fragrance gift sets.  That is the easiest way to buy products for layering.

Re: How do I make my perfume smell?!?!

There are 2 ways to go about this.


1) Change the formula/concentration of perfume you're using.  Each one has a different strength.  From weakest  to strongest: Eau de Cologne (EDC) < Eau de Toilette (EDT) < Eau de Parfum (EDP) < Perfume / Extrait.  Perfume oils fall at the stronger  end.  If you're using a perfume that's an EDT, try an EDP of the same scent instead.


2) Change the location/method of your perfume application.

Combine the perfume with a lotion and apply it to your body (the oils will help to absorb the scent and keep it lingering in skin cells as opposed to evaporating with the alcohol).  Spray the perfume lower on your body (if you spray at chest-level, spray it lower toward your hips or thighs) ... the scent travels "up" as it evaporates, so it has a better chance of clinging to your body if it travels more of it.  Apply some to your hair or to your clothing ... the fibers sometimes retain a scent even when  your skin chemistry won't.  Applying on pulse points as other people suggested is also a good idea.

Re: How do I make my perfume smell?!?!

What kind of perfume are you buying? Since you mentioned that no one else can smell it, either, I'm thinking it's the particular fragrance you bought. Products such as body sprays are less concentrated and more diluted with water and alcohol, so they aren't long lasting. A good EDT should certainly be detectable, though -- as someone mentioned, try it on a pulse point -- wrists, under the chin, behind the ears, etc.

Re: How do I make my perfume smell?!?!

The best thing to do is put the perfume on your pulse points- ears,neck, wrists, elbows, bellybutton, and knees. This makes your perfume smell last longer.

Re: How do I make my perfume smell?!?!

hot spots = behind your ears, wrists, inside elbows and knees, and cleavage. also i sometimes will spritz onto my hairbrush and run through my hair.

Re: How do I make my perfume smell?!?!

Try mixing it into your lotion. If you spray it into your hands and then mix lotion into your hands and apply the scent should be more long lasting. Your perfume mixes with your natural pheromones and perhaps your current scent is not the best for you. You can always try a different scent.

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