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Has anyone bought fragrance from Groupon?

Are they legit? I've used Groupon for restaurant deals and things like that but rarely do I purchase any Groupon Goods. They have a few great deals on fragrances that I have been eyeing so I just wanted to see if anyone has experience with it. 


Thanks in advance!

Re: Has anyone bought fragrance from Groupon?

I bought Dolce and Gabbana The One 1.6 oz for ~$30 a few months ago, because it was so cheap I thought it wouldn't be the end of the world if it went badly. Fortunately it was totally legit! 

Re: Has anyone bought fragrance from Groupon?

I've bought 2 different perfumes from them and they were both great, smelled like the ones you get from Macy's or Sephora and has the lasting power like that too. I did a comparison lol.

Re: Has anyone bought fragrance from Groupon?

Oh good! That makes me feel better. Thanks!

Re: Has anyone bought fragrance from Groupon?



I'm just wondering if you bought the perfumes from Groupon and did they turn out good?

Re: Has anyone bought fragrance from Groupon?

I have recently bought Prada Candy & Juicy Couture Gold for ridiculously steep prices off of Groupon. Both bottles retail about $90 and I got them for $45 & $55. There are websites where you can type in the product # (it's usually 4 or 5 letters/numbers printed on the box as well as the bottom of the bottle) that you can verify the authenticity through & also find out the manufacture date. I also contacted Prada directly, sent them photos of the packaging and product and they also verified it was all good. Both products were authentic & I feel like I've discovered buried treasure lol was so skeptical at first, didn't even know Groupon sold stuff like this. Glad I figured it out! Also, always make sure to pay with paypal. That should be a given with any online purchase in my opinion. They have the most amazing customer service and return policy. If it just so happens that you get a product that turns out to be fake, just dispute it through paypal for being counterfeit and they will report the seller as well as refund your money. Smiley Happy

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