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Gucci perfume

Does anyone know where I can buy the Gucci perfume. I can find all the Gucci variations but not just the straight Gucci perfume. The last place my mom bought it was in France, but since we no longer live there I want to find a new place to get it.

Re: Gucci perfume

Lylysa, that is the correct perfume.


I was at Sephora today and found out for sure that they don't carry it.


Re: Gucci perfume

Is it this one?



It's still available online on Gucci's website as well as Macy's website.



Re: Gucci perfume

Thanks, I will check.

By the way I saw your post on skydiving, AMAZING!

Re: Gucci perfume

I've also found that random perfume shots in malls or carts/stands will have fragrances that are phased out by stores. Maybe there are some in the area by you?


It was super fun to go skydiving, hop into that thread and share your summer plans! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Gucci perfume

Hmm we carry a wide range of Gucci perfumes, but if you are looking for a super specific variation I'd recommend contacting Gucci directly.

Whimsically yours,
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