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Fragrances free of synthetics

Im looking for some fragrances free from synthetics and chemicals. Lavanila is a line I'm looking to try. I also have some Pacifica, however I find they don't last very long. Are there any good quality perfumes anyone could recommend to me?


My favourite fragrances are fruity, sweet, and/or candy like.

Re: Fragrances free of synthetics

For healthy fragrances from Sephora, I love Lavanila! I love Pure Vanilla and Fresh Vanilla Lemon the most. Actually, I have been wearing Fresh Vanilla Lemon everyday for the past several months. Their deodorant is excellent too; I have  been using this healthy alternative daily for the past 3 years.  


Also, if you want to look beyond Lavanila, I would suggest going to Spirit Beauty Lounge (online natural beauty store). I haven't tried many of the fragrances there, but based on what the site allows and doesn't allow in the products they sell, I would be comfortable recommending any of the fragrance lines there for your needs. 

Re: Fragrances free of synthetics

I like Lavanila Lavender which is more powdery than you probably want.  But, you would probably like the other scents as dianabt mentioned


Anje is a store in Carmel CA with a website that also makes chemical free perfumes.  

Re: Fragrances free of synthetics

If you truly need it to be free of chemicals, may I suggest an empty bottle?


I do kind of like some of the foody scents from Carol's Daughter though they aren't great for lasting power.  I wouldn't overlook Pacifica, either.  Some of their scents like the Rose and Lilac last longer than others, and with the solids and rollerballs, you could maybe get used to re-applying just like you would your lipstick.  


I have a few from Soap and Paper Factory and they are wonderful, complex, real perfumes.  Anthropologie sells them sometimes and you could see if they irritate (if that is your concern).  I wear Violet and Midnight.

Re: Fragrances free of synthetics

I already have an ecstasy scented body oil spray by Carols daughter and it smells great! Im kicking myself that i didn't get the rollerball before they sold out.


I have island vanilla, Brazilian mango grapefruit, tuscan blood orange and Mediterranean fig from pacifica… i like the scent of the first 3 but the fig smells terrible. I also am not fond of florals so I don't think I will be looking into rose or lilac. 


Ill check out soap and paper factory thanks.

Re: Fragrances free of synthetics

Hi Candyeyed, 


I strongly suggest you look at the LaVanila, its actually full of antioxidants too and good for your skin Smiley Happy The Vanila Grapefruit and regular Vanilla are my favorites- sweet citrus and sweet!


Try looking also at Carols Daughter for rollerballs and 21 Drops for essential oils.  

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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