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Fragrances Dangerous to Others?

Recently I saw several signs throughout a medical facility regarding not wearing any fragrances and that it is dangerous to others.  Of course I was wearing fragrance that day and apologized to the doctors and nurses.  Has anyone else seen these signs and do you believe no fragrance signs will be posted in most places, like no smoking signs.  Being a fragrance addict, I don't want to stop wearing my favorite fragrances.  Pass on your thoughts. 

Re: Fragrances Dangerous to Others?

Let me begin by saying, hi, my name is Michelle and I AM a perfumaholic..." OK, now In re to putting a mask on to not smell it..Smells and get through masks. Yes if this was only reason(smell) I would be less, dare I say, passionate, about this topic. However, being a RN and hearing how many different places have the "anti-perfume" signage, schools and hospitals..I will add again there are chemicals VOC's (I believe that's what the chemical is called) in perfumes cologne's etc that can set off an allergic reaction which could be anything from sneezing or hives to anaphylactic reaction which is life threatening if not treated in time. There is much more to this than a courtesy. Believe me I get the love fragrance thing I do as well. Lotions can help so you can still smell your fragrance and believe me when I say fine fray lotions stay on and can smell all day, if one is not allowed to wear at work etc. Then after work finish layering. I personally only refrain from frag if I'm going to be some where cannot wear it. I hope the brings better clarification and understanding.

Re: Fragrances Dangerous to Others?


I have never ever seen one of those signs! I think that its your body you should be able to smell like what you want to smell like. So what if others dont like it they are not the ones wearing it. I dont think those signs will turn up in more places, I have never seen one and what if your wearing a fragrance in a place that has a no fragrance sign? its not like you can just take the fragrance off your body.

                                                 Hugs and hope,


Re: Fragrances Dangerous to Others?

I agree, Ellie.  Like that day, I already had fragrance on so I didn't know what I should do.  Thanks for your response. - Denise

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