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Fragrance Stash

What perfumes do you have in rotation?  Are you on the hunt for a new perfume to add in the mix?


Currently, I have a rollerball of Marc Jacobs Daisy and Kat Von D's Saint.  I'm sticking with the rollerballs since I like to change it up often, although I do love the Daisy bottle lol.  Occasionally, I'll use my body spray from Bath and Body Works, but it never lasts long.


I discovered 2 new perfumes yesterday that I, along with my boyfriend, love.  Rihanna's, and I can't recall the name of it, and Vera Wang's Lovestruck.  I really love the look of the Lovestruck spray bottle. 


Re: Fragrance Stash

Vera Wang's Lovestruck is my fave for now. Though I do love Marc Jacobs Daisy. I tend to collect the bottles for my vanity so I admit I have bought perfume for the bottle only. I have some really old ones but I would never try the perfume any more. After a year colognes tend to break down and become accidic. They tend to change the way they smell. So I try to never keep one longer than a year (unless I truly love the bottle of course). I won't even admit to how many bottles I have, but my vanity is covered with them. My daughters find it a great treat to try all of mom's perfumes and colognes.

Re: Fragrance Stash

I have a massive perfume collection!  From miniatures to regular sizes. 


I separate them by seasons. Ha!  (I know I am weird like it)Smiley Frustrated


My collection will take me from playful fruity scent to classic evening scent (Chanel No.5)


I am open to anything, as long as I like the sense.  I am currently have approx 4

50 miniatures and 100 regular size.  I need to find out how long does it take to for a perfume to go expire.

Re: Fragrance Stash

If you keep your perfume in a cool dry place, your perfume will last longer--and--there is nothing wrong with being a collector of perfumes.  Good for you!  Have fun with it! 

Re: Fragrance Stash

I have a large perfume collection.  I adore fragrance, and I can't stop buying and trying new ones!!


My current favourites are:

DIOR: J'adore

Hypnotic poison

J'adore l'or

Miss Dior Cherie

Alien by Theirry Mugler

Elie Saab Le parfum

Estee lauder's Sensous Nude


Chanel No5

Coco Mademoiselle



Re: Fragrance Stash

What are the different fragrance notes between the two J'Adore fragrances you listed? 

Re: Fragrance Stash

I don't keep to many perfumes, as they don't last very long...the smell changes and it evaporates...

Re: Fragrance Stash

I am a perfume ADDICT! I'm always wanting more. I change it pretty much everyday. I bought myself a Sephora perfume sampler for Christmas so I have a million samplers and still haven't used my coupon for a free full-size.  My current collection includes Vera Wang Princess, Juicy Couture Juicy, Gucci 2, Burburry Brit, Burburry London, Dior Miss Cherie Dior, Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom spray, Victorias Secret Very Sexy, Victorias Secret Pink holiday spray in pink, VS Pink holiday spray in purple, VS Pink holiday spray in green. I am leaning towards getting the Bvlgari full size that was in the sampler. Its very floral and my boyfriend loves it. Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Euphoria are my next purchases=] My dior perfume always makes me feel extravagant and dolled up!

Re: Fragrance Stash

I like clean, fresh perfume in cute bottles, emphasis on cute bottle =P


Haiku from Avon - in frosted glass with a mint color japanese tower topper.

J'adore from Dior

Daisy from Marc Jacob

Jingle G from Harajuku Lovers - adorable figure topper is a christmas ornament. =P

Siberia from Tokidoki -nice frosty scent and...toy tiger head.

Adios from Tokidoki - very tomboy scent with a cute toy deathgod head. XD


...along with ~10-15 perfume samplers from everything...

Re: Fragrance Stash

I've kind of accumulated a bunch of perfumes over the years, but it works out because now i have scent for every occasion possible! Smiley Happy My collection includes:


- Chloe (my favorite!)

- Marc Jacobs Lola

- Marc Jacobs Daisy

- Bath and Body Works Blushing Cherry Blossom (Discontinued Smiley Sad booo...)

- Dior Addict 2

- Guess by Marciano

- Juicy Couture

- Ralph Lauren Romance


Now what to buy next... hehe Smiley Tongue

Re: Fragrance Stash

Philosophy Amazing Grace (soft, musky floral great for conservative office environments)


L de Lolita Lempicka (a slightly spicy/salty vanilla with a hint of licorice)


Emilio Pucci Aqua 330 in small travel size (I like to use this after I work out, it makes me feel fresh until I get home for a shower)


La Vanila Vanilla Coconut (my boyfriend's favorite, great for summer)


Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb (mostly for spring/summer)


Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue (Favorite for summer)


Arno Sorel Solinotes Perfume in Amber (I think its discontinued now but I bought it at Urban Outfitters, my favorite fall/winter scent)


My two most recent:

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh (just a nice, clean scent)


Dior Miss Dior Cherie (from Bloomingdales as its now been replaced by Miss Dior)


And I'm planning on buying Dior Hypnotic Poison next winter (boyfriend picked this out, says it smells like root beer)

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