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Fragrance Junkie Central

I know there are a few of us on BT that are fragrance addicts, so I thought it would be nice to have a dedicated place where we can share our thoughts.


This is not to take away from the lovely What Are You Wearing Today, Fragrance Edition thread, but more a place to post longer reviews, chat about new brands or releases, and just shoot the breeze on anything good and smelly Smiley Happy


For me, I recently acquired 2 new decants that I've been anxiously awaiting.  Ever since Lachaton mentioned that MMM was releasing a new scent called By The Fireplace I've been itching to get my hands on it.  My decant arrived yesterday, so I'm looking forward to marinating in it this weekend.  Secondly, I recently picked up a tiny sample of Shiseido Nombre Noir.  Supposedly it is one of the most expensive failures in perfume history - made by Serge Lutens for Shiseido back in the 80s.  Of course, with a backstory like that, I was dying to get a sniff Smiley Very Happy


What's new on your scent radar?  Do tell!



Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

Michelle Pfeiffer is releasing a "clean" line of fragrance developed with the IFF called Henry Rose. The five scents are reported on Fragrantica as


  • Last Light, "fresh floral notes come together with musk and patchouli to create a smooth, woody effect"
  • Torn, "richness of vanilla bean blends with the earthiness of vetiver roots to create an aroma that is both spicy and floral"
  • Dark is Night, "woodiness of patchouli blends with the richness of vanilla bean for a decadent finish"
  • Fog, "lightness of vetiver wood is cut with a soft musk to create a perfectly balanced freshness"
  • Jake's House, "watery clean freshness encounters honeyed neroli for a light and clean musky finish"



Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

Juliette with a Gun is releasing a new scent, Vanilla Vibes.


Notes are fleur de sel, vanilla, orchid, sandalwood, tonka bean, brown musk and benzoin



Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

Has anyone tried MMM Replica Whispers in the Library? MMM typically isn't my favourite line, but this one sounds right up my alley (and I'm a sucker for all things bookish).

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@lachaton  It got a sample of this a day or so ago. It is AMAZING. it is a sweet wood to me. It is very soft and stays very close to the skin. I will be getting a bottle for sure!

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@lachaton I sniffed the tester yesterday lol. It's kinda warm, woodsy with a little hint of cirtrus to me, I think it is ok for the summer. Probably I will come back to spray it on my wrist one day when I don't have any other perfume on me! 

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

Canadian ladies! I see Ogilvy Montreal is doing a create your own Guerlain fragrance event. Does anyone know anything about these and the cost specifically?

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@ChristalM  I just saw a post on Ommorphia about this, in case you're still interested


http://ommorphiabeautybar dot com/guerlain-·-my-personalized-fragrance-experience/

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@Mochapj  Thanks! I saw that too and sent her a note around the fragrance "creation". It sounds like pick a fragrance and put it in a custom bottle more than fragrance blending Smiley Sad

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

Tom Ford Lavender Extreme

notes: lemon, violet, lavender, rose, geranium, cinnamon, coumarin, tonka

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

A new Etat Libre is coming out called Experimentum Crucis




Aromatic, Floral, Woody

Top Notes apple cumin lychee

Heart honey jasmine rose

Base Notes akigalawood musk patchouli

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

I really want to know what's beyond gravity @pocketvenus Do you think it's so good you float off into space or you get squished down to the ground? 

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@michelleshops, there's no ad copy like perfume ad copy Smiley Very Happy

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

Went to see the new beauty floor at Holts. It's looking very nice and bright! However, I learned that Kilian is redoing the way they present their fragrances (they've gotten rid of the old collections like Asian Tales) and are grouping them by type rather than creative story. You can see this restructuring on the website now. This means they have discontinued some fragrances!! I don't see some of the ouds like Pure Oud, Rose Oud, and the tea fragrances are gone! Smiley Surprised

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

Luckyscent has the 2019 version of IFF speed smelling kit now available for purchase

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 9.34.50 AM.png

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

So tempted!

RE: Fragrance Junkie Central

IDK if this should be posted here or elsewhere but I guess it fits under “home fragrance” - I’ve been going crazy buying scented candles lately - because I go through at least a couple large candles a week (not just special occasions) i look for relatively reasonably priced but good quality. I just love Voluspa’s roses collection and macaron/sweets collection. I like Violet and Honey quite a bit, birthday cake is nice but barely there projection wise and my absolute FAVOURITE so far is Rose Coloured Glasses - rose, orange blossom, sweet creamy vanilla and Amber and the candle has the best performance. I have yet to try the Rose Otto or Bergamot Rose scents. Did not like “French toast” much. The second is the Seda France “Japanese Quince” scent - i love it! The candle is incredibly diffusive but it’s a very refreshing scent that smells very clean to me. A quick question to put out to the community - I’m in Toronto so I get these larger Voluspa roses candles from Indigo and I got this Seda France candle at a local shop but I’m bummed seeing how much cheaper it would have been for me to order this in the US (I paid more than twice the retail price) and I would like to get the larger Voluspa roses (Tin, 2 wicks) does anyone have any suggestions about where I might get these things - some of them can’t be had in Canada and some of the can but are ridiculously and needlessly expensive.

Re: RE: Fragrance Junkie Central

@RoseCharlie, you totally reminded me, I've been meaning to start a home fragrance thread in forever!!


The first candles I bought were Voluspa Smiley Happy I had a little set with multiple mini candles and I disposed of the leftover glass. Now, I wish I'd kept them Smiley Sad The labels were pretty!

RE: Fragrance Junkie Central

I almost purchased Lilac Love blindly based on the notes and BOY am I glad I did not - I’m wearing it today because I got several 3ml high end samples from Niche Scents (a store in Toronto whose online store sells 3ml samples - a good option for Canadian ladies because there is no postage over $75). It’s not that I’m hating this fragrance but there is NO lilac in it whatsoever and the powder (bc it’s amouage it’s a lovely iris flower and/Orris butter but mega POWDER all the same) is the most dominant here - there’s the powder first with some soft background florals (but not lilac) and the MOST subtle cacao note that is barely there with a hint of vanilla warmth but to me this fragrance is extremely powder dominant. Like all Amouage fragrances it’s so well constructed that I’m enjoying it even if it has notes I don’t normally love but I’m glad I didn’t shell out the big bucks for something that is not at all what I hoped it would be. They shouldn’t have lilac in the name bc it’s nonexistent here.

Re: RE: Fragrance Junkie Central

@RoseCharlieNiche Essence is great!! And that's a very deceptive name! Interestingly, this is what Luckyscent wrote about Lilac Love: Disclaimer: this is not a lilac perfume. This is a lilac-colored angora sweater that you want to wear on your naked skin while rolling around on 1,000-thread count sheets with a basket of gray Persian kittens. Notes: Jasmine, rose, gardenia, peony, heliotrope, orris, cacao, tonka bean, sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

Guerlain is releasing a new flanker, Shalimar Souffle d’Oranger.


A sparkling and glittering fragrance combining petit grain, neroli, and vanilla to sublimate the orange blossom note. Perfumer Thierry Wasser starts the creation with citrusy aromas leading to the heart of neroli and Sambac jasmine. The base contains sandalwood, vanilla and orange blossom absolute.


The bottle is very fun!


RE: Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

My mom wore this scent for years it’s a classic