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Fragrance Junkie Central

I know there are a few of us on BT that are fragrance addicts, so I thought it would be nice to have a dedicated place where we can share our thoughts.


This is not to take away from the lovely What Are You Wearing Today, Fragrance Edition thread, but more a place to post longer reviews, chat about new brands or releases, and just shoot the breeze on anything good and smelly Smiley Happy


For me, I recently acquired 2 new decants that I've been anxiously awaiting.  Ever since Lachaton mentioned that MMM was releasing a new scent called By The Fireplace I've been itching to get my hands on it.  My decant arrived yesterday, so I'm looking forward to marinating in it this weekend.  Secondly, I recently picked up a tiny sample of Shiseido Nombre Noir.  Supposedly it is one of the most expensive failures in perfume history - made by Serge Lutens for Shiseido back in the 80s.  Of course, with a backstory like that, I was dying to get a sniff Smiley Very Happy


What's new on your scent radar?  Do tell!



Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@pocketvenus  I've only tried one (Shangri-La) and not exactly of my own accord. I received a sample as an extra in an order I'd made from a 'fume shop and it definitely wasn't something I'd have chosen for myself. 


I tried it on before looking up the notes and although I didn't enjoy it (too floral and fruity) that was more of it being not the scent for me than it being an inherently poor formulation. 

Please share how you feel about Hyde, I am always on the lookout for well done leathers.

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@Mochapjwill do! I have to admit, I tend to be skeptical of all-natural houses because the fragrances never seem to measure up but the reviews have been so good.

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

i've been on a real guerlain samsara edp kick lately !! it is, to my nose, primarily a sandalwood-ylang ylang-iris concoction, and perhaps the most geniusly blended irises i've encountered (and mine isn't even a vintage version !). it's very soothing, and currently my favorite my-skin-but-better scent. it's been a bit of a slow burn of like-to-love but it's all i've been wanting to grab the past week or so. 


its (original) bottle, branding and marketing were RED. but to my nose, samsara is blue velvet.


here's the original add when it was launched in 1989

Fragrance Junkie Central

Birthday scents. I have had my eye on the Tom Ford scent for a bit. Pretty excited to have it in my collection. And of course, I had to chose Jo Malone as my Sephora gift as well. I think this scent can pass as unisex. Its soft yet you can smell the leather undertone.

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@IndyQT317very nice, congrats on the birthday gift Smiley Happy

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

I hope by the time August rolls around, they have something great like Jo Malone for my birthday! I love that Tom Ford scent, too. Happy birthday month! Smiley Happy

Thank you @elise222! Yes, I hope the birthday gift scent...

Thank you @elise222! Yes, I hope the birthday gift scent is still available for you in a few months. Or they have an even better fragrance for you😉

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

In other celebrity scent news, DS & Durga is releasing a fragrance inspired by Notorious B.I.G. called Notorious Oud. Available now from Harrods but not on their website




  • Top notes: Saffron, camphor, white galbanum
  • Middle notes: Indonesian oud, bulgar rose, lavender absolute
  • Base notes: Civet, cetalox, papyrus


Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

Cher announced she will be releasing a "genderless" fragrance, "Eau Couture de Cher". WWD reports that it has notes of bergamot, neroli, jasmine and vetiver to make a spicy, vanilla oriental fragrance. Eau Couture de Cher has been four years in the making, and is a partnership between Cher, Scent Beauty, and fragrance house Firmenich with Clément Gavarry as the nose.


Mr. Gavarry also did SJP's Lovely.

Hmmm the notes sound interesting. Thanks for sharing @poc...

Hmmm the notes sound interesting. Thanks for sharing @pocketvenue. I do not wear many spicy note fragrances, but I would consider. It's Cher!

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

I adore Cher and she can do no wrong.  The notes don't sound bad...I'm curious to see what it ends up smelling (and looking) like.  Thanks for sharing @pocketvenus I'm going to keep an eye out!

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@michelleshopsyou're very welcome! I am so curious about the bottle! I hope it's done in a big 80s oriental style Smiley Happy

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

Hoping someone can help me, because Google hasn't been any help. Sometimes I have perfumes I spray on me and I get overwhelmed with what I can only describe as medical. It smells like I'm in a hospital or something. I can't stand the smell of it. Does anyone know of any notes that could be the reason behind it or any other reason? I just had two samples I had to throw away, Majestic Woods from Juicy Couture and This Is Not A Blue Bottle from HDP. The only note these two have much in common seems to be amber.

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@Samtian  If the This Is Not A Blue Bottle was the 2018 version that is a white bottle with the blue artwork (1.5), the two do have a note in common: Ambroxan.


If the This Is Not A Blue Bottle was the 2018 version that is a blue bottle with the white artwork (1.4), the common note is: Tonka.


I hope this helps.

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@Vmaster  Thank you!

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central


Tried replying earlier, but was having trouble with the site! I’m not sure what it is that is bothering you but it is totally normal for people to have sensitivities to specific aromachemicals and that might be what's going on. So some people love ISO-E Super which is a kind of woody, blurring chemical that’s used in a lot of fragrances but almost never listed as a note. Others loathe this chemical, and yet others still can’t smell it at all!


It also might be your skin chemistry has tendencies when reacting to fragrance. My skin tends to smooth out and sweeten harsh edges which is probably why I like to go for “sharper” green scents and avoid scents that are already very sweet. I have a friend whose skin makes half the scents she tries smell like baby powder. It might be there’s something about your skin that’s bringing out the medicinal aspect that is not related to the notes.


Another thing that might be throwing you off is that when a note is listed, it doesn't mean it's the same chemical(s) being used in each fragrance and even less likely, at the same concentration. Most oud fragrances don't have oud at all but try to use different synthetics to approximate it so even though they all say "oud" there is no common chemical or set of chemicals. Animal musks like civet are banned so it's all just different stuff pretending to be civet. In other words, amber might not be what you cannot tolerate.

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@pocketvenusThanks for the helpful information! Knowing my luck, it's my skin chemistry lol.

@Samtian, ok I just sprayed on my This is not a blue bott...

@Samtian, ok I just sprayed on my This is not a blue bottle. I'm not smelling medical scent. I'm smelling warm sweet scent. Maybe heaviness on the sweet end. I'm not good at describing perfumes, but this is something I would wear in winter time and then just 1 spray. Sorry I couldn't help you out finding the specific scent of the 2 that you don't like.

Re: @Samtian, ok I just sprayed on my This is not a blue bott...

@Luvstravel  Thanks for trying! It sounds great from what you described.

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@Samtian It might be a combination of things. For me, personally, tonka bean and musk are hard nos because I generally hate the sickly sweet scent and they wear terribly IMO, though there are some rare exceptions. I also don't mind amber scents, I generally find them very pleasant, but when they are combined with musk it's pretty much unbearable to me. Same with the Tonka- they become like 1000x worse

Re: Fragrance Junkie Central

@Brutalitops  Awe that's a bummer, I love sickly sweet lol.

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