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Fall Perfume Favorites!

With August less than 24 hours away and September creeping up, what is the scent you'll gravitate towards the most this fall?

Re: Fall Perfume Favorites!

I used to have the body spray -- it smells so warm and...perfect for fall! Smiley Happy

Re: Fall Perfume Favorites!

Lady Gaga & Diesel Loverdose are my go to Smiley Happy

Re: Fall Perfume Favorites!

I CANNOT WAIT TIL FALL! Ahh Smiley Very Happy

My favorite scent which I found in the spring time for this fall would probably be Bond I Love New York for All. Makes me think of a nice warm cup of brew, and yes I do want to smell like a cappuccino all day! Men and women can wear this one Smiley Happy

Re: Fall Perfume Favorites!

This sounds amazing - I really want to try it! Maybe next time I'm in NYC!

Re: Fall Perfume Favorites!

Mine is Giorgio Armani Code. It smells so good just to heavy for summer.

Re: Fall Perfume Favorites!

Dsquared2: She wood. It smells SO good. A wonderful fall scent, more heavy but still light enough.


Re: Fall Perfume Favorites!

Rose Anonyme

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