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Fall Perfume Favorites!

With August less than 24 hours away and September creeping up, what is the scent you'll gravitate towards the most this fall?

Re: Fall Perfume Favorites!

I've been seriously considering Fame. But, I've heard too many mixed reviews so now I'm all confuzzled.... How's the longevity of it?

Re: Fall Perfume Favorites!

While I really like the scent, it doesn't last, unfortunately. :-/ maybe 2 hours tops. I got it on clearance though, so I don't feel too down about it, lol.

Re: Fall Perfume Favorites!

i'm not sure about perfume, but I do know I plan to get Philosophy's Cinnabun body wash!  I love the smell of it, but to me it is more of a fall/winter smell, so I have been trying to hold off on buying it until the season change Smiley Happy.  I;ve been using the vanilla one for a summer body wash and it smells good too, just not as good as the cinnabun one!

Re: Fall Perfume Favorites!

I love vanilla-esque scents during the fall! I don't know which scent I'll be wearing yet, but I know it'll be a lot less floral than my summer scents normally are!


Heh, what will you be wearing? Smiley Happy

Re: Fall Perfume Favorites!

I'm just starting to experiment with perfumes...I honestly have no idea what I'll be wearing in the winter as I only have summer scents for now. YIKESSSSSS


Re: Fall Perfume Favorites!

Haha, you have plenty of time! I love those Fragrance Samplers that Sephora does for this very reason - plenty of room to experiment! 


Plus, sometimes I like to spritz a summer scent on in the winter - especially when I get the winter blues~

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