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Do you get headaches from certain fragrances?

Hey guys! I am curious to know how many of you suffer from the same problem as I do. Certain fragrances, particularly perfumes give me headaches, even migraines. Are certain scents headache triggers for you? If so, what kinds of scents do trigger headaches, and which can you tolerate?

For example I can't stay in an Anthropologie store for too long, because their candles give me an instant headache. It is a nice smell, I just can't handle it.

In the same way I can't sit next to people with certain perfumes for too long without getting a headache. I have to be careful about smelling perfume samples too, as some are more headache inducing than others. 

I have found that Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue is headache-proof for me. Some other perfumes that I have don't cause me to have headaches, but if I already have one, they can aggravate it....Light blue doesn't for some strange reason...


Do you get headaches from fragrances?

Are there any particular brands of perfumes/candles etc that are particularly good/bad for you?? 




Re: Do you get headaches from certain fragrances?

I completely cannot stand the scent of most perfumes, colognes, and even scented lotions/candles. The majority of these scented products are waaayyyyy too strong. Once I accidentally inhale a whiff of it, it sets off either a massive headache or some serious allergies/breathing/wheezing problems for me. Recently, it's gotten a lot worse at work with so many customers coming in wearing their really heavily scented perfumes/colognes. I mean, if I can still smell it after they've walked away, isn't that too strong/concentrated? The ones that are allergy/headache inducing for me are often super strong/heavily fruity/floral ones. I cannot even go near bath&body works, the body shop, lush and even anthropologie because of whatever it is they burn there. 


The only things that do not set my nose off or give me a splitting headache are those really lightly subtle scents. Bath & body works used to have a cucumber melon scent that my sister used all the time until they discontinued it. She now uses some tropical fruit one that I cannot stand. I've had to ask her to use it at the gym or when I'm not home. It seems to me that a lot of products these days are just really concentrated/really strong scent-wise.

Re: Do you get headaches from certain fragrances?

I recently just started wearing perfume regularly because  I'm so sensitive to fragrance. The worst is being stuck on a plane and the flight attendants have on perfume/cologne. I've found that I get the absolute worst migraines from vanilla and floral scents, which are hard to find not in most perfumes. Citrus scents don't bother me terribly because they tend to be more natural and light in perfumes. Currently I'm wearing Honey by Marc Jacobs which isn't terribly strong...most of the notes are on the light side. It does seem to wear off fairly quickly, which if you want to smell nice for short amount of time is nice. At least it doesn't linger so long that I do get a headache. My mother wears Angel by Thiery Mugler (a gift from my dad who also suffers migraines from fragrance) and that is a nice light scent. It doesn't cause headaches for me so that might be one to try.

I'm also interested in testing out Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue. From the reviews it sounds like it might be a good one.

Re: Do you get headaches from certain fragrances?

I can't stand scented candles. No matter the scent, no matter the brand, no matter the price, they ALL give me a headache. Also, most perfumes with violet in the notes give me a headache if I wear them too close to my skin. For example, I can have a little bit of TF Violet Blonde on my sweater or on the fur of my jacket's hood, but if I put it on my wrist or, even worse, my neck - I'll be down with a migraine within a couple of hours.

Re: Do you get headaches from certain fragrances?

It starts with feeling a soreness in my neck and then it moves up to the top of my head and then I hear crackling noises in my neck and skull and the discomfort is horrible!  I am having it right now and I found out a guy at my office was burning a scented oil thing.  It was huge and filled up the whole building with a synthetic fragrance. 

Re: Do you get headaches from certain fragrances?

The Yankee Candle store. Oh god, headache and nausea. I can't stand to walk past that store. It kinda sucks because I'd like to shop there!

Re: Do you get headaches from certain fragrances?

Yes! All the time. I didn't start wearing perfume until this year. It doesn't matter if it's high end, low end, or whatever, it can, and probably will, make my heard hurt. I don't know what it is though. I think maybe the alochol in some perfumes as that's all I smell, and makes my head upset, most of the time. 


The only perfume I've been able to wear so far is Daisy by Marc Jacobs. I like the smell of Calvin Klein's euphoria, but after a good hour or so it makes my head hurt, which makes me very sad. ;_;

Re: Do you get headaches from certain fragrances?

Have you ever tried solid perfume? No alcohol, just fragrance & oil, sometimes beeswax.

Re: Do you get headaches from certain fragrances?

I can't say that I have. But it definitely seems like something to look into! Thanks!

Re: Do you get headaches from certain fragrances?

I am exactly like this! Candles smell makes me suffer! I found that most "fake" fragrances are triggers to me, like axe etc, Dove deodorant is the worst headache / migraine trigger for me! And well I am also allergic to aspartame ( I think its banned from the US but in canada its an artificial sweetener used in bubble gum and its a real pain, if someone is eating it next to me, i feel like I'm going to die!) But yes, there are some fragrances that are okay to me and doesn't hurt my head. But the thing I hate the most, is my relative and family that does not understand that I'm allergic to specific smells, they say " If you can smell THAT, then you are not allergic to perfume!" It seriously makes me so angry Smiley Sad

Re: Do you get headaches from certain fragrances?

I'm almost 100% sure this happens to everyone i don't think your alone lol


i get headaches from vanilla scented anything, i found that the perfume Alien (one of my all time fav scents) gives me a bad headache if i wear too much.

i mean any perfume that is too strong gives me a headache  


bath and body works always gives me a headache, any scent or candle. 


i work in victorias secret part time  and they have  like this oil from the scent "Heavenly" and its the worst for me. 


but like annekevbd said, i love lush, even though its made with florals and things that usually irritate people, i love it. i even have a friend that uses the oil on her temples when she has a bad headache 

Re: Do you get headaches from certain fragrances?

For me, it is certain scents...and when it happens, it is unpleasant. An example - I like lilac flowering bushes but I cannot be near one or even the scent (of lilac) as it drives my head into burst mode.

If someone is too friendly with a fragrance application, being around them is horrid. Too strong is not pleasant even if it is something I may normally like.

Oddly, not all scents bother me (as long as they are not overpowering) and I am always game to try something new - however with that being said, it does not mean it will work out.


Re: Do you get headaches from certain fragrances?

Lilac is one of the few, precious fragrances

that can't yet be extracted (or, rather, preserved) from the flower. I've

searched and searched because I absolutely love it too. The fragrance is

just too fragile to persist as perfume, so anything that is being sold as

lilac is most likely synthetic or a blend of other essential oils attempting

to mimic the scent (more power to the perfumer if she can pull it off!).

Re: Do you get headaches from certain fragrances?

Yes!  I can sometimes get headaches and/or feel seriously nauseous.  There was a perfume I wanted to buy, so I had put it on in the store to walk around with for a while, and it made me sick (I was fine until I put it on). 


I haven't found a consistent pattern yet on which scents trigger it, but even the nicest perfume scents are too much if they are put on too strongly. 

Re: Do you get headaches from certain fragrances?

There is this one that my grandfather LOVES to wear! it smells like some kind of grass! it is soo strong and so horrible! I HATE it!

Re: Do you get headaches from certain fragrances?

I get headaches from artificial perfumes, such as Bath & Body Works, etc. Even higher end perfumes tend to trigger them! My mom suffers from migraines due to perfume, so I've never really worn perfumes for that reason.

Re: Do you get headaches from certain fragrances?

Perfume lovers who suffer from migraines, try going all natural. I did, and I have no more headaches triggered by fragrance.



Re: Do you get headaches from certain fragrances?

Doesn't make a difference for me, lots of "natural" fragrances give me headaches including a few live flowering plants.  Doesn't get more natural than that.

Re: Do you get headaches from certain fragrances?

No kidding? I wonder if you could try samples of single fragrance oils that you really love and narrow down to something that doesn't bother you. So many oils are lovely all on their own (rose, ylang ylang, lavender). Mountain Rose Herbs has a nice selection, many of which are organic. Also Eden Botanicals.

Re: Do you get headaches from certain fragrances?

Abercrombie and Fitch. I can only stay in one of their stores for about 15 minutes before I feel like I am dying from their perfume.

Re: Do you get headaches from certain fragrances?

Yes! Yankee Candle, Body Shop, and Bath and Body Works are places I have to avoid. Artificial scents seem to bother me much more than natural scents. The worst can trigger a headache, the minor can make a headache worse. Those stores are just *so* overwhelmingly smelly! Interestingly, Lush doesn't bother me, and their store has a strong smell to it. That is part of the reason why I think natural scents bother me less.


I don't have as much problems w/ perfume (unless I already have a headache). I do think that the less expensive purfumes are more likely to trigger a headache for me.

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