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Demagogue? A fragrance?

I need insight into this fragrance that I found online.  I was just soooo tired of the fragrances that everyone else was wearing and needed something unique and very hard to come by and that no one could just go out or would want to go out and get.  So I found this one fragrance online that struck me as very interesting.  


 I know there has to be more information out there somewhere, please help me find it? Could you tell me or give me more insight on the following






Re: Demagogue? A fragrance?

You know I am wondering about this product. It is like it doesn't exist. I did several searches on different search engines and looked for reviews on perfume websites and haven't found ANYTHING!! Something isn't right.

Re: Demagogue? A fragrance?

Like you, I too am a rebel at heart. If everyone else is wearing it, I'm not. I really like to be the individual in the crowd. I decided to research the product and couldn't find anything either. Does Demagogue really exist as a fragrance? Do you know who makes it?

Re: Demagogue? A fragrance?

Looks like an extremely niche brand in North Carolina. It's by Barnett and Linnett (never heard of it), but it's available on amazon for $350, there's two reviews for it that are decent. I wouldn't take a chance on ordering this fragrance, for that price and knowing so little about it. Plus, it's unisex so it's really a coin toss.


John Varvatos Woman is a really good fragrance, and not many women wear it because it's a mens brand so many wouldn't think to buy a fragrance from them. It's the only women's fragrance they have and whenever I wear it people ask what it is and give me compliments.

Re: Demagogue? A fragrance?

Thanks for the tips and information gingerjag! Smiley Very Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Demagogue? A fragrance?

When I want something original I mix my perfumes. During the summer I like Philosophy Summer Grace and Marc Jacobs Daisy. Fall/winter I like YSL Parissine(year round fave) and Burberry London.

Re: Demagogue? A fragrance?

Hi Unique, 


I would best recommend doing a search on google for the "Demagogue" fragrance. Alternatively, you may want to try the different unisex fragrances we carry on that may be similar to the "Demagogue".


Illamasqua Freak Eau De Parfum

Freak Eau de Parfum


D&G #18 La Lune



ck One


ck one


I hope this can help you! Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Demagogue? A fragrance?

Also CK Be. I always prefered that to the CK One lol. Great Scent!

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