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Cute mini perfume set

I don't know what the perfume smells like but these little bottles are just too precious!


Re: Cute mini perfume set

Flight of Fancy (picture on the far left) is like a lighter version of Issey Miyake's Florale.


I totally played enabler top Melde and DoctorMrs in the below thread. FoF and IM's Florale are rose based scents and I gave a run down as how they compare and even tied in another rose-scented perfume (Bond NY I Love NY Mothers). The review on them goes from the bottom portion of page one to the top of page two on the post Smiley Happy

Re: Cute mini perfume set

thx @lylysa - I'm more of a floral and warm spicy person - LOVE Tom Ford's Plum Japonais and Shanghai Lily.  They both have floral and spicy accords and other complexities.

Re: Cute mini perfume set

No prob! I haven't had the pleasure of testing the other Anna Sui fragrances yet, but I did get a sample of FoF. Sounds like your tastes are perfect for the fall and winter seasons coming up! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Cute mini perfume set

yep!  too bad it'll be months before it feels like fall/winter here

Re: Cute mini perfume set

i have yet to smell an Anna Sui i did not like, but i have not tried them all - i collect minis so i was gifted it for my collection - i have the set with the face - they all smelled yummy

Re: Cute mini perfume set

La Vie de Bohème is the newest scent, but there is also another set that is nearly the same. I wonder if the old one will be discontinued now?



Re: Cute mini perfume set

Ah I love Anna Sui fragrances! This set is too darling it would make a great addition to someone's vanity or dresser. 

Whimsically yours,

Re: Cute mini perfume set

that would make a nice gift Smiley Happy

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