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Custom Fragrance Favorites Bag

So after seeing the new Sephora Favorites Rollerball Collection, it seems like a theme that most people are tired of seeing the same fragrances in these otherwise awesome sets. 


I would love to see a bag more catered to my taste of musky scents or even one that had newer scents that I would be less likely to have sampled or purchased already.


If you could pick 5 fragrances to be in a Rollerball set just like this one, what would they be?


My picks are for ones that I have not yet tried:

  1. JIMMY CHOO Flash
  2. Tom Ford Black Orchid
  3. PRADA Candy L'Eau
  4. Dior Addict
  5. GIORGIO ARMANI Emporio She

Re: Custom Fragrance Favorites Bag

I want a Marc Jacobs RollerBall set!

1. Honey

2. Daisy

3. Dot

4. Daisy Eau so Fresh

5. Oh, Lola! 


I would be completely happy with that! I don't like alot of other perfumes. 

Re: Custom Fragrance Favorites Bag

Oooooh that would be nice to! Hey, maybe they could make a MJ Superstars Kit and include some cosmetics as well....

Re: Custom Fragrance Favorites Bag

That would be amazing! I'd buy it in a heartbeat! 

Re: Custom Fragrance Favorites Bag

You and me both!

Re: Custom Fragrance Favorites Bag

Oooh what a great thread! Smiley Happy From the new releases, I'm most curious about...


1) Calvin Klein Downtown

2) Gucci Generous Violet

3) Coach Citrine Blossom

4) Jimmy Choo Exotic

5) Kenzo Couleur Pink

Re: Custom Fragrance Favorites Bag

I was looking at Jimmy Choo Exotic too, but didn't want two on my list Smiley Tongue

Re: Custom Fragrance Favorites Bag

Have you smelled that yet? I don't like the original Jimmy Choo.

Re: Custom Fragrance Favorites Bag

No just some of the little thing in the mags, but those are never quite accurate.  I was more just looking at the notes on the product descriptions. But now I have made myself more curious to go on a smelling spree next time I'm in store. I feel like I tend to wear more perfume during the fall/winter than I do earlier in the year, so now is the time. Smiley Happy

Re: Custom Fragrance Favorites Bag

Kiki1517, I had planned on adding a few Jimmy Choo Flash samples in with Traveling Sephora Box 2. Would you like me to set aside and label a couple for you?

Re: Custom Fragrance Favorites Bag

Yeah the notes are what made me curious as well. I think I would like it but you never know until you wear for a day to make sure some of the notes in don't make you want to puke. If I have to smell any perfume I don't like for too long it gives me a sick headache.

Re: Custom Fragrance Favorites Bag

Me too.  That's why I prefer perfume samples over makeup or skincare ~ a tiny vial of perfume is all I need for a day's test to make a decision, while I need multiple days to decide on makeup, or honestly weeks to decide on skincare.

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