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Christmas in july?

i have a question, i'm not too good at saving money and i just got my bonus from work, i'm 30 points away from getting my 20% off entire order card, BUT i don't want to waste it, or end up spending the money on something i don't need. 


So, i was wondering, i normally buy perfume gift sets for my mom, dad, finacee and two brothers for christmas, and i thought this would be a perfect time to do that (considering i'm not good at saving money) 


two things, does perfume expire from now until christmas?


and is this a stupid idea? i know normally perfume sets go on sale around christmas but the ones i'm buying (narsisco rodriguez for my mom, spicebomb for my finacee and brothers, and YSL for my dad) i don't think will go on sale, has anyone seen them go on sale closer to christmas?  


idk i just want to do this the smartest way possible.


Re: Christmas in july?

I think that's a great idea! As long as it's stored in a place Lylysa mentioned Smiley Happy

Re: Christmas in july?

If Christmas was in July it would be on my birthday! 


If you bought perfume now I think it would hold up until Christmas.  I've had a few of my perfumes for years and they still smell amazing.  Great planning!

Re: Christmas in july?

i plan alot, i just thought it was crazy planning 6 months in advance lol but i'd rather be prepared then not be able to save up money in time Smiley Tongue 


i think they might be able to as well, i've had some perfumes for a couples years and they still smell okay

Re: Christmas in july?

Hi Annonymous1-


I think that's a great idea! I really like giving the Sephora Collection Favorites sets as gifts. It comes with a voucher to redeem 1 full size item (that is included in the set).


The Leading Man Fragrance Impression Sampler For Him


It's easier because, they can pick out what they likeSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: Christmas in july?

do they have to buy one of the full sized perfumes that are included in the set? 

Re: Christmas in july?

It comes with a voucher, where they can pick out a full size item (from one of the items that is included in the set). The sizes are listed in the box and the voucher can only be used at a free standing store in the US!

<3 Melissa

Re: Christmas in july?

Fragrances have a varied shelf life depending on how they're formulated and the notes in them.


Proper storage is key, avoid bright, sunny, humid areas, instead opt for cool, dry, and even dark spots so the formulation isn't broken down by light and heat. Some folks swear by storing perfumes in the fridge, but if you think about it, that doesn't help the essential oil factor that comprises scents. Oils don't "keep" better in extreme cold, so if you have maybe a storage closet, you can always keep fragrances that you wish to gift later on.


I don't see too many of the deluxe or larger sets on sale, even during holiday, it's mainly variety packs or sampler packs that I see get marked down before anything. It's also very dependant upon the brand/vendor too and whether they allow for markdowns at retail locations.

Re: Christmas in july?

yeah if i do get it now i would store it somewhere in my closet lol 

Re: Christmas in july?

You should be good then, most perfumes have a pretty good shelf life as they're meant to withstand being formulated, packaged, shipped, transported, delivered, and being put on display under store lights and on shelving units.

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