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Hi lovelys!
Im normally a neutral  eye shadow kind of girl, From my avatar is there any eye shadow colours anyone could recommend?
Also, I'm in the market for a new summer fragrance. My only problem is when i go into Sephora i tend to start smelling them all and after awhile they all smell the same. I love fruity citrus long last for summer. Something light but that doesn't smell as if its for a teenager if that makes sense. lol I would appreciate anyones thoughts and suggestions.true.jpg


Aqua Di Gioia is a very nice clean yet strong scent, while Coach Poppy is almost a flowery/fruity type of scent. Both are great for summer and are definitely not something a teenager would wear! Teenagers prefer Aquolina Pink Sugar and Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, both very sweet and strong. Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana is another clean scent, but deff more toned down than Aqua di Gioia. A personal favorite of mine is Mon Jasmine Noir by Bvlgari. Flowery, clean, and perfect for all seasons!


As a perfume connoisseur, I highly suggest trying the fragrances out on yourself, not a sample strip. So many people buy a perfume because it smells good on paper/their friend, but it doesn't work with their body chemistry. If you ask, most stores will make you some perfume samples. It's best to try them out at home, and see how it works/lasts throughout the day. Sorry for the super long perfume post, I just love it so much! Smiley Happy


As for eyeshadows, anything from Urban Decay is phenomenal. Super pigmented, lovely texture, just perfect. Color-wise, blues tend to be good for brown eyes, as well as golds. Definitely be careful with the blue, i'd suggest some light frosty tones, nothing too bright. Army green looks fab too! That's if you are going for brighter colors tho, if you want to stick to neutrals I'd suggest a UD Naked palette, preferably 1 or 2. You get a lot of eyeshadow and all in 12 different neutral shades, really good! Hope this helps Smiley Happy


For colors i just busted out my spring colors which is a few UD singles - freelove, scratch, easy baked, X, blunt and chased. I love MUG singles- mango tango, yellow brick road, fiji. my fave mac bright is yellow chrome, pairs great with a warm brown



for perfume, i don't think i own anything citrusy?! not sure but Aqua di gioia is a light clean scent and another one i don't currently have but owned is dolce gabbana light blue. I also break out coach poppy flower, dkny- golden, be delicious and fresh blossom in the spring. A lot of the gucci flora line is light too


Clinique happy, dolce and gabanna light blue. Also acqua di gioia. 




I am not that great with colors, so I will leave that to the other girls who all will have better suggestions that me, but as far as fragrances go, you can the SA if they have any coffee beans available. That way, you can get a clear fresh sniff of each fragrance. Take a wiff at the perfume, then the coffee beans and try the next one. That way the coffee and clear the scent of the first perfume. If no coffee bean is available, bring a cup of coffee. Smiley Wink


Never thought of that! Thank you! 


Hi BeautyIsPassion! 


I recommend trying Coach's Poppy Blossom or Gucci's Flora By Gucci Eau Fraîche. Both of these fragrances are perfect for the spring and summer and smell fresh and citrusy. Smiley Happy 


In terms of eyeshadow, brown eyes can pull off any color! If you are wanting to stay with neutral shades, I recommend trying Urban Decay's eyeshadow in Toasted. It is the perfect every day color. It is a bronze-y shade that has a bit of a purple undertone, which makes it the ideal shade for brown eyes. Smiley Happy 



<3, Randee


lylsa covered pretty much all of your bases, but I just wanted to add that I really think you could rock some deeper blue shades on your eyes. You have a nice, warm, golden skin tone that would glow with some blues thrown in there. Smiley Happy


Thank you! Any in particular you suggest?


Are you wanting to stick with neutrals and just expand your collection or are you looking for suggestions of colors to incorporate into using along with neutrals?


With brown eyes you really can use varying shades to help them pop. Since brown itself is not on the color wheel, to make your eyes pop you need to break down and associate brown with the colors that are present.


For example, if you're wanting to bring out the brick red and intense tones in brown, opt for greens. This means hunter green, forest green, olive, jade, emerald, mint, you name it because red/green are contrasting colors on the color wheel. If you want to highlight the honey, amber tones (orange), choose a blue, this can range from ice blue, baby blue, navy, colbalt, sapphire, or turquoise. If you want to bring out the brighter yellow aspects of brown eyes, choose purples. Amethyst, eggplant, lavender, lilac, and violet are all options to play with.


In regards to fragrances, what are some you have already tried/used?


If you haven't gotten a chance to try Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue, it sounds like it's right up your alley.

Dolce & Gabbana - Light Blue


Though it's quite a popular fragrance and staple in the fragrance world already, it's in that position for a reason. The scent itself is clean and crisp without being too sharp. It's cleaner notes bamboo and white rose give the citrus/fruit notes (citron and apple) a twist. Though lighter citrus fragrances may not always be the longest lasting, layering the scent with lotion or body wash can help it linger more.

Light Blue Destination TrioLight Blue Gift Set


Fresh's Hesperides Grapefruit is another citrus and fruit-rich scent that combines grapefruit, lemon, orange, bergamot, and peach with a soft touch of jasmine and lotus to keep it soft.


For sweeter fruit notes that don't rely solely on citrus, check out Marc Jacob's Oh, Lola!

Marc Jacobs Fragrance - Oh, Lola!


Raspberry, vanilla, and pear give a lush, sweet blend.


You might also check into some of the Sephora Favorites Fragrance Sets as a way to try lots of options and then be able to redeem for a full sized fragrance that you like best!


Fragrance Sampler For HerFragrance Sampler for HerFragrance Deluxe Sampler For HerPrelude To A Kiss Fragrance Sampler For HerFragrance Rollerball Sampler For HerRollerball Collection for Her


When you say redeem. ..does that mean I can use my points to purchase products in store? Or is it only the sample deluxe rewards I can use them for?


Those sets she posted about include a sent certificate that you can use to get a full sized bottle if any of the perfumes in the set. Look at the description of each set for more details. 


Im looking for colours seperate and to incorporate. I never thought id get such detailed comments. Thank you so mich! The desceiption of the perfumes already has me sold!

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