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Bobbi Brown's Beach fragrance

Can someone tell me what this fragrance smells like?  The descriptions for fragrances aren't always easy to imagine, but this one sounds like it would be a nice scent.

Re: Bobbi Brown's Beach fragrance

Thank you.  I have heard several say it smells like Coppertone.  The jasmine scent is what caught my eye because I love jasmine and orchids.  I may just have to go ahead and purchase it.

Re: Bobbi Brown's Beach fragrance

Hi ragdoll4mom,


Do you like beachy sand/ocean/sunscreen scents? I instantly think of the beach and sort of a SOFT jasmine fragrance when I smell this scent. It has a slight undertone that reminds me of sunscreen and its a bit more earthy scented than some fragrances but its NICE. Smiley Happy I normally wear sweet scents but this is a favorite of mine! I was a little bit iffy at first but its such a soft and lovely scent!


Bobbi Brown - Beach Fragrance



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Bobbi Brown's Beach fragrance


It smells exactly like Coppertone.

Re: Bobbi Brown's Beach fragrance

Bunny does a good job of explaining the Beach Fragrance in this video.

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