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Best fragrance

My signature scent is Stella....I love it. My second scent is Tom Ford another wonderful perfume.


Re: Best fragrance

Hi Ronrunz,

Right now my signature scent in the Ralph Lauren Big Pony Women’s Collection #2! Its a soft pretty and sweet fragrance that I like to wear daily.

Ralph Lauren - Big Pony Women’s Collection #2

<3 Melissa

Re: Best fragrance

My TOP Favorites are Prada Candy. Givenchy Little Black Dress. Hot Couture. Gucci Guilty.

Re: Best fragrance

Mine is Dot by Marc Jacobs.

Re: Best fragrance

Right now I've been flip-flopping between Lady Gaga's FAME and Kat Von D's Saint. I adore both scents but might switch to something a little more spicy come winter.



Kat Von D - SaintLADY GAGA - FAME

Whimsically yours,

Re: Best fragrance

I love Thierry Mugler Angel and Hello Kitty.

Re: Best fragrance

I like to switch up my fragrance every season since my style also changes! I think a lovely fragrance during the autumn would be Elizabeth Arden in Green Tea. On the contrary to most selections during the autumn, I prefer a lighter scent in comparison to a heavier one. Its refreshing scent has a hint of muskiness to it, jasmine, a dash of mint, orange peel, and nothing but the obvious, green tea. Of the hot summer nights, a light floral scent like DKNY Be Delicious is very appealing! If you like apples, this one will do for you! I find that eAu fLirt by Harvey Prince is a comforting scent to snuggle up to. Your man won't be able to keep away from you when you smell like pumpkin pie and lavender. Jasmine Fruit and Passion, of all is the most sensual and relaxing perfume to indulge during the spring. Not all of these scents are off of Sephora, but you should all try it out!


Re: Best fragrance

My tried and true is Channel No 5. I am totally in love with pink sugar by aquolina and love spell mist by Victoria's secret. I am dying for a bottle of miss dior though. That will definately be my next fragrance purchase.

Re: Best fragrance

For some time my signature scent has been Peace, Love and Juicy Couture. I love its green earthiness but there's some floral and a little fruit (apple) in the mix too.


Beautiful for the day and people always tell me I smell good. It makes me feel pretty!

Re: Best fragrance




Re: Best fragrance

My signature has been Michael Kors Gold...everytime I wear it ppl ask me what it is and compliment me.  I love it.

Re: Best fragrance

My signature is Ralph by Ralph Lauren.

My current second is Taylor Swift, Wonderstruck.

Re: Best fragrance

My three favorite in no particular order are: Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture, Princess by Vera Wang, and Very Sexy Temptation by Victoria's Secret.

I really want to try Rihanna's scents.

Re: Best fragrance

My absolute favorite is Giulietta from Tocca, but unfortunately on me it stays for like 1 hour and that is it.  Bianca is a second favorite and has much longer staying power on me.  

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