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BOND #9 Samples??

I never see this perfume for sale in any store and was wondering how to get samples of them. I got one yesterday from a order (the black bottle one) didn't care for it too much but had amazing lasting power so i'd like to give the others a try.

Re: BOND #9 Samples??

I tried contacting the company before for a sample of one I was really interested in buying but couldn't find and they said no :-(

Re: BOND #9 Samples??

Bond charges $6 a sample wrapped like a bon-bon - they are pretty proud of their stuff - if you go their store in NYC they won't give you a sniff off of a tabby tube for free Smiley Very Happy - if you go in person to Nordstrom and try the actual bottles, they will GIVE you a few bon bon samples, they have to pay for them - love the bottles more than the fragrance - just don't think they are worth it - though i want the pink jewel encrusted bottle - word on the street is i am getting the V&R .7 perfume - i will be happier with that

Re: BOND #9 Samples??

I've gotten Bond samples from Nordstrom for free before, but I would advise calling ahead into a department store that carries it just to be sure what their policy is. Maybe it's just dependant on who's working the counter or how shoppers come across (obviously it wouldn't be polite to just hoard samples for the sake of being able to have them).


If Sephora carries some in stock you can ask for a sample (I know select stores carry some of the Bond New York fragrances).

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