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Armani / Prive Fragrances

Giorgio Armani has these new fragrances and i'd love to try them but they are  very expensive. Does anyone know where one would be able to get samples even for a price? 

Re: Armani / Prive Fragrances

They're available on the Neiman Marcus website, I don't know if they carry them in store but it couldn't hurt to ask! It says they're exclusive there, I don't know if that's for a limited time or they will be the only ones to buy through. 

Re: Armani / Prive Fragrances

It doesn't look like they're carried by Sephora or any other US retailers.  You're probably not ready to hop a plane and ask Harrods for samples, are you? Smiley Happy


They are available on the website.  You might just contact them directly and see if it's possible to get a sample somehow.  Then report back -- they have some lovely sounding fragrances!

Re: Armani / Prive Fragrances

Hi there!


I recommend you visit your local store- a cast member can gladly make you samples of any fragrances you wish to try before you buy. Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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