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Age appropriate there such a thing?

I saw a post last week that got me thinking, are there certatin age groups that should wear ceratain perfumes?


Therer are two fragrances I really like but hesitate to wear because I think I will end up smelling too old or too young.  The first is Coco by Chanel, the original not Madamoiselle - which I don't think smells anything like the origninal.  I got a couple samples of it and wore it for weeks but then had a friend tell me their grandmother wore it, which kind of put me off.  The other  (well two) is Viva la Juicy and original Juicy Couture.  I just recently picked up the bottles to see what all the buzz was about and now I know!  They are really pretty.  But are they too fruity and floral for a 33 year old?  I looked on the ratings and reviews and saw that people of all ages were raving about them. 


Does anyone else have perfumes they stay away from because of their "young" or "mature" stigma???

Funny you mention fragrances/age appropriateness.  I'm 32...

Funny you mention fragrances/age appropriateness.  I'm 32 and tried a sample of Jennifer Aniston's fragrance.  My husband said it smelled like something an older woman would wear.  (By that he said someone mid-40's or older.)  


So I do believe there are fragrances for different age groups.  But it all boils down to the nose.  'Wear what you like' is my motto!


I recently got samples from Ulta for Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift fragrances.  These are really made for the younger crowd, but I really like the Taylor Swift has a vanillia base to it!  





I have definitely caught myself shying away from a perfum...

I have definitely caught myself shying away from a perfume that I like simply because I know older women that wear it or if I've heard others saying that it's "old" smelling or whatnot. I actually hesitated getting a sample of a fragrance I liked because I thought the clerk was going to say it was too "old" for me, or that it was actually going to smell too "old" on me ... Then I thought to myself that no matter what perfume I buy, no matter how expensive or how cheap, how common or how rare, there will ALWAYS be someone, somewhere, that dislikes it and there will ALWAYS be someone that loves it. Always. So whether others go "yuck" or "yum" to my perfume shoudln't matter, because I'm not buying it for them, I'm wearing it for ME. And since I know I won't be able to please everyone with my perfume, then why should I feel like I should try to? I shouldn't. From that point on, I told myself that thinking about whether or not others would like my perfume would no longer be a deciding factor when looking for a fragrance. (Though this was easier said than done because I had to pretty much completely change how I browsed through fragrances believe it or not.)

Personally, i think the reason that I took in to account what i thought others were going to think about my perfume, is because it stemmed from my insecurity. If I were really secure with myself then I wouldn't give a hoot about what someone thought about my pefume. I would wear it loud and proud and love it, not constantly be thinking about whether others thought it to be offensive or not.

I also wanted to say that for the most part I do agree with Anaa's post, except the part where she said "If you get a lot of compliments when you wear something, then you know it's the right fragrance for you." I don't think that you should let others' compliments be the basis of whether or not you think a fragrance smells good on you / works for you. Because then how confident you are about your fragrance on any given day would depend on how many compliments you've gotten; it would depend on people other than yourself. And that's especially unreliable & inconsistant since everyone has a different sense of smell, different preferences in fragrances and different likes and dislikes...

If perfume has nothing to do with your age, then it should have nothing to do with others' opinions.


Re: I have definitely caught myself shying away from a perfum...

Hey Stepha0322!
Your so welcome Smiley Happy Thank you so much for the compliments Smiley Happy I am glad to have empowered you to be truer to you! Even though how you go about picking a perfume seems like a small feat, it can ripple into other aspects of your life. I'm glad that you received something so positive from the post Smiley Happy

If I thought a perfume I liked was too sweet or too something that I thought it would offend people, I would actually try to talk myself out of liking it, I would try to convince myself that I didn't like the fragrances simply because I was worried what others would think of it. Dumb right? lol. When I came to the realization that I was doing this, I started to examine other aspects of my life (especially since I thought it stemmed from my insecurity, because like I said, a woman who is truly confident wouldn't not wear a perfume because of what others might think. She would wear it loud and proud and love it; confidently.) So I examined other aspects of my life and saw the same type of behavior; always worrying what people thought of me. For example, if I wanted to dye my hair blue I wouldn't have because I would have been to scared of what i thought people would think about me... Crazy, I know lol. Once I decided that I needed to change it was an extremely liberating experience. I felt so much lighter after I got rid of the weight of worrying about others' opinions of me. I hope the same sort of liberating affect happens for you, no matter how small it might seem Smiley Happy

So strive to be the best version of yourself, be the boldest, proudest, loudest (though we all have voices, we tend to stay quiet and just deal with things rather than standing up and giving our opinion), craziest and most amazing version of yourself Smiley Happy Because after all, nobody wants a "diluted" you.

Stay true!
Talk to ya soon,
- MaiPie

Re: I have definitely caught myself shying away from a perfum...

Well said maipie!!

It's funny the 2 perfumes I've gotten compliments on in the last couple of years I didn't even really like myself. I will adopt that perspective next time I'm perfume shopping, and not worry what other people will think!!


Hi Stepha0322,   I agree with many of the suggestions. I...

Hi Stepha0322,


I agree with many of the suggestions. I think that some fragrances do have a target age however, I do not think it should restrict you when you are selecting a fragrance. Like Diana said I also like some "tween" fragrances because, they are usually lighter scented and they smell really nice on me. Certain body chemistry's work better with certain notes in fragrances. I say wear what makes you feel great and confident! Smiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Hi ladies!   I love the tips you all have and especially...

Hi ladies!


I love the tips you all have and especially agree with Anaa. I have a few perfumes that yes, are meant for "tweens" but they smell great on me and I always get compliments on them. For example, I have a friend who is my same age and LOVES Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. Unfortunately it smells no where as amazing on me as it does on her and came out heavy and powdery on myself! Smiley Sad On the plus side, I love the Justin Bieber fragrance and have not had a single complaint whereas other friends have tried it and it doesn't have the same affect. Definitely remember that your body chemistry comes into play with these. Smiley Wink

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

It really doesn't have anything to do with your age; it t...

It really doesn't have anything to do with your age; it totally depends on how the scent reacts to your individual chemistry,  As far as some fragrances being for old ladies, sometimes a person will  experience a fragrance when it first comes out and continue to wear it for years.  I was in my early thirties when Obsession was introduced, so if I wear it now at 57 I guess you could categorize it as an "old lady" scent.  I wear  Pink Sugar now which a lot of people think is for young women, and I can't tell you how many people have complimented me when I have it on.  If you get a lot of compliments when you wear something, then you know it's the right fragrance for you.

Here are a few things I like to keep in mind when selecti...

Here are a few things I like to keep in mind when selecting a fragrance:

Fragrance is highly personal, and will react slightly differently on each person depending on their body chemistry.  What may smell fabulous on a friend doesn't necessarily mean it's right for you.  Likewise, just because you don't like how it smells on your grandmother doesn't mean you should rule it out for yourself.  The only way to tell if you like a fragrance is to spritz a few times on your skin (pulse points for the most part) and wait.  Although you might want your clothes to smell nice, don't use them as an indicator of how well you like a perfume, as the aroma chemicals will only react with human skin.  You will have to wait about 20 minutes for the initial impact to subside, as the top notes will blend into the middle notes around that time. See what you think, and make note of anything you don't like. Pay attention to the fragrance again about 3-4 hours after application.  That's when the dry down will occur and you can tell if you like the base notes that will linger the rest of the day.  Don't judge solely on initial impact; the fragrance is meant to be enjoyed throughout all its phases and you won't know for sure how you feel until you've gone through this process with each perfume!

Remember, when it comes down to it, YOU are the one that has to be happy with what you're wearing.  Fragrance is a form of expression so make it your own.  It may matter what those close to you think, but don't depend wholly on their opinion, especially if it differs from yours.  Consider gradually building up a "fragrance wardrobe" - perhaps start with a subtle daytime fragrance and something special for a night out.  As you add more to your collection, you can mix it up as easily as you would an outfit depending on your mood and the occasion. 

Finally, don't worry about if the fragrance falls into your age group or any particular category, no one likes to be put in a box!  If it bothers you that the teenagers are wearing the same thing, you'll have to decide if it's worth it or not.  I am sure you can find something else that will suit you, but if you keep coming back to the same one, don't let one detail get in the way of you enjoying it.  Do what you like and what makes you feel comfortable, because in the end that's all that really matters! 

p.s.  the interactive Scentsa tool in the fragrance section of Sephora is amazing!  You can take quizzes, brows by fragrance type or note, and see what's new from your favorite designer.  It's helpful to have it all at your fingertips and be able to sample while you're there!

I have also noticed that Grandmas tend to smell powdery o...

I have also noticed that Grandmas tend to smell powdery or like Chanel, but I like some powder fragrances (Dior Cheri) and Chanel Chance. So I'd say so what to what others think, wear what you want. Keep 'em guessing!

I feel like there a stigma for certain ages to wear parti...

I feel like there a stigma for certain ages to wear particular perfumes, but if you love it then that's ultimately all that matters! 


I own and LOVE the original Juicy Couture (I like Viva La Juicy but it gives me headaches), when was first released I was pleasantly surprised at how sophisticated the scent was. I definitely think it's a scent that women of all ages can get away with wearing Smiley Happy


Juicy Couture

Whimsically yours,

Hi Stepha0322.  Yes I think certain fragrances have that...

Hi Stepha0322.  Yes I think certain fragrances have that stigma and no one wants to be told they smell like grandma Smiley Wink  You do have to keep in mind that a lot of the classic fragrances will be worn by grandma because they were around in her day and she stuck with it.  Now we have a lot more choices.  I think you should wear what you like and don't believe there is a minimum or maximum age for any fragrance.  Also,even if you do go buy the particular fragrance stigma, you are definitely not too old for Juicy!

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