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31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Do you have a box full of perfume vials and/or a vanity covered in perfume bottles? Are you the Goldilocks of perfume, just looking for the perfect signature scent? Do you want an opportunity to post daily about how your perfume of the day smells oaky and smoky with hints of blackberry and currant, like a cigar in a whisky barrel rolling through a Mediterranean orchard on a breezy summer morning?


If you answered yes to any of the above, or you just want to hop on board for the ride, join us for a 31 days of perfume challenge starting January 1st! Some of us from the 25 days of lipstick challenge wanted to continue the fun and exploration, and since many of us have so many perfume samples, we thought this challenge would be perfect. If you don't have 31 perfumes or hate everything that doesn't smell like Meyer lemons and fresh goat cream, that's fine--we're just aiming to use the neglected perfumes we have laying around and incorporate them into our perfume rotations.


And if you want more perfume vials, there's no better time than now to take a peek at Sephora's samples section.


Edit: Anyone can join in at anytime! We're here to support, live vicariously through, and encourage everyone in their olfactory adventures!

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Yesterday I used Giorgio Armani Si. 

Chypre, Blackcurrant Nectar, Airy Florals, Musky Blond Wood.


Smells pretty good. 

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Today was Atelier Cologne Bois Blonds.

I wish I could say I like this, but I think there is something wrong with my sample because all I can smell at this point when I open the vial is something astringent like rubbing alcohol.

When I first opened the vial this morning, I was getting that same abrasiveness that I smelled in Grand Neroli (maybe I just don't like neroli), but it seemed to be balanced out by a soft, sweet, floral. As that scent faded, all I could smell was that same abrasiveness and musk. Reopening the vial to reapply just gave me that astringent smell. 

It seems like a lot of people list this one as their favorite, so I'm sort of disappointed. 

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Today I wore Atelier Cologne Citron d'Erable. I gave a mini review of it this morning in the Rewards Bazaar thread and after wearing it all day, I'd have to say my initial thoughts haven't changed much.

I would describe the way the scent changes as you wear it as complicated, but consistent.

This fragrance starts off with a sweet lemon scent that is balanced out by a smokey maple (the wood, not maple syrup). As the lemon scent fades, I got a sort of maple sap scent in its place alongside the smokey wood and lingering sweetness. Think refreshing that turns to mysterious. 

Mid-day I had this brilliant (ahem) thought: "I really love this scent and you can usually put on a lot when applying the atelier scents." So I put it all over. Well, needless to say, there is too much of a good thing when it comes to this fragrance. Do not put too much on: the maple sap scent becomes overwhelming.

The good news is that it wore off after a walk.

Overall I reapplied three times, which is better than the staying power of some other Atelier scents I've been testing out. The scent changed in the exact same way each of the applications: first a sweet lemon and smoked maple wood, followed by maple sap and smoked maple wood accompanied by sweetness.

If I could improve this scent, I would want the lemon to stay around longer and for a pop of spice to balance out the sap better.

I'm pretty pleased I managed to snag a travel size of this one in the Rewards Bazaar today.

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Today I wore Atelier Cologne Clementine California. At the beginning, it smelled *extremely* clementine, in the same way that Orange Sanguine smells extremely orange, but after a while the clementine smell disappeared and all I could smell was a sort of refreshing spiciness (unlike Orange Sanguine which just smells like soap once the orange smell disappears). 


I really wish the citrus from the Atelier scents would last longer!

This is a pretty good fragrance, but not the best of the bunch so far.

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Today I wore Atelier Cologne Grand Neroli. Something about this scent is too abrasive for me. It seems to be extremely masculine and it feels sort of heavy to breathe, if that makes any sense. I felt like I was walking around smelling like a man all day.

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Today was Atelier Cologne Bergamote Soleil. Bergamote has been listed as a "note" in a couple of different Atelier scents that I liked, so it seems that maybe I'm a bergamote person. (I don't think I've ever come across one in non-fragrance form though.) It smelled like citrus, flowers, and something spicy. The scent did not seem to change on my skin like others from this brand, but it did need to be reapplied after just a few hours. I like this one, but I still like Santal Carmin better.

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Today I tried to wear Atelier Cologne Tobacco Nuit. It smells like that vanilla flavored loose tobacco people buy from tobacco shops in order to roll their own cigarettes. I don't like the smell of tobacco and found it to be... overwhelming. I ended up showering to get it off after it didn't fade away. 


I previously thought I wanted to own every Atelier Cologne fragrance, but I guess there are a few I can safely skip. I can see how this one might be something that someone else appreciates, but it's *really* not my thing.

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Day 2: Today I have to take a train so I thought I would try something very inoffensive and having recently received a sample of Coach, the Fragrance (the new one they re-invented and re-released in Sept. 2016) I thought it would do nicely for a train because it is a nice, inoffensive sort of fruity-floral.  My first impression is that it's quite pretty - off the top I get a little raspberry and pear and after about 30 minutes the rose and gardenia come through a little bit more... I know there is supposed to be a leather/suede note in here but I can't detect and isolate it though it could be kind of structural - part of the backbone that holds these scents together.  I smell a little light musk and some wood in the base.  Overall I quite like the use of raspberry - it's nice - I'm not crazy for this fragrance but I do enjoy wearing it, it is pleasant : )

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Today I wore Atelier Cologne Cedre Atlas. From just outside the vial, it has a woodsy aroma, but immediately after unstopping the vial you smell a tart non-orange citrus and it is followed by a very light floral. Like many of the Atelier scents I have tried, it disappears almost completely by mid day, but in the mean time it sits softly on the skin. It is neither masculine or feminine to me, just heavily citrus. For some reason I just don't like this one as much. 

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Wore an oldie but goodie today, Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Tongue387250

Orange Blossom, Hyacinth, Jonquil, Cattleya Leopoldii Orchid, Suede Accord, Vanilla Tincture.
Lavish. Dramatic. Seductive.

I'm the type of person who does not buy full sized perfumes unless I absolutely love it and I love this one. It lasts all day long on me and works well with my chemistry. 



Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Today I wore Atelier Cologne Poivre Electrique. At first it smells like someone is making licorice in the woods, but then the licorice smell fades into a dull pepper scent and the woodsy scent remains the dominant scent. To me this is a very manly scent. 

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Today I am wearing Poison Girl by Dior. I love it. ❤ I don't usually buy full size bottles without testing first, but I did with this one.


Notes: Sicilian sweet orange and Calabrian bitter orange notes, Neroli, Rose, Vanilla, Tonka Bean.


Even though this is an EDT, it is strong! A few spritzes lasted the whole day. It is the only Poison fragrance that works with my chemistry. It is quite lovely, and the dry down is my favorite, where the vanilla and tonka bean remain. 


Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Yesterday for work I layered Eight and Bob Mustique + Mad et Len Vetyver Bucolique. I wasn't sure about it at first, but the combo rapidly grew on me. I fell in love. I've never worn either of them before. A nice cool crisp manly scent.

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Mad et Len- Blue in Musc

Notes- Oakwood, cedarwood, mellow musc

This smells good. It's a weird scent, I can't describe it. It smells really good though. 

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

At the end of last year I purchased the Luckyscent Unboxing Day scent pack. Forgot about it, and just found it the other day. 

Fuego Flores by Mad et Len. I cannot find a list of notes for this. It's ok. Very heavy. It's supposed to be a mainly floral scent, but I have a hard time picking the floral up. 

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Byredo's Seven Veils vs Papillon's Salome


Two very different takes on the Biblical figure.


Byredo's interpretation of Salome is a twisted, spicy oriental - very creamy vanilla with the sweet earthiness of root vegetables. Dries down to a tamer, cozy vanilla.


Papillon's version is an oriental, take no prisoners skankbomb. We're talking glorious florals, filthy, in your face musks and a heaping helping of dusty cumin. Incredible longevity. You either love it or want to spray air freshener up your nostrils.

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

I'm currently obsessed with pop by Stella McCartney. I have 3 samples so far and I plan to hoard more!


It's very sweet but doesn't give me a headache like sweet scents usually do. It honestly smells like the 7 yr old Barbie girl who grew up to be a CFO on Wall Street (LOL). Sweet, musky, but not citrusy. Try it out in store and I hope that my description matches the scent.


Perfume also wears differently for everyone. I find that this scent smells really great on me particularly. I love Daisy by MJ too but that one fades on me really quick.

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

I haven't been in here in awhile but got a sample of Mon Guerlain with my Holts order this morning.

It is nice but I wouldn't purchase it.It is supposed to have lavender,jasmine,sandalwood and vanilla. I find it has a strong vanilla scent but I smell the sandalwood as well not getting much of the lavender or jasmine.

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

diptyque philosykos

Top notes are fig leaf and fig; middle notes are coconut and green notes; base notes are cedar, woody notes and fig tree.


I liked this one. The coconut was a bit strong for my tastes though.

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Tried Juliette Has a Gun's Into the Void on paper. This was far too tonka heavy for my taste. There aren’t any white florals listed in the notes, but the scent gave me that impression. It lists “black orchid” in the notes, which isn’t a real flower; perhaps that was the floral I was detecting? It does not smell like TF’s Black Orchid for those wondering. The bottle looks a lot like a cheaper version of By Kilian's but I see it’s just coincidence as the other frags in the luxury line are different colours.

Re: 31 Days of Perfume Challenge

Dolce & Gabbana Dolce today. I really love this one. I just have a purse spray right now, but once I use it up I'm going full size for sure.