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Post in PLAY! by SEPHORA

So Disappointed!

I normally don't waste time complaining about Play! boxes I get because there is usually a couple things that I am excited for. However, I've noticed in the past few months I've gotten A LOT of repeats. This month I had at least three repeat items in my box, and looking at some of the other boxes people got this month I feel a little ripped off. I know it's only $10, but getting repeats and items that have been 100 point perks in the past couple months makes it feel like Sephora is just trying to get rid of these products. When I first signed up for Play! I was so excited each month to get my box and see what new products were at Sephora. Unfortunately now I don't even pay attention to when my box is coming and I open it and am immediately disappointed by all of the repeats or items that don't match my profile. I will be unsubscribing because I don't think it's worth it to me anymore.

Re: So Disappointed!

I know what you mean.  Lots of repeats AND they can't seem to be bothered to even glance at my profile answers.  I've returned the last two boxes (customer service will let you do this if you call; don't bother with their email customer service option as they just ignore what you say and repeat back canned answers that have nothing to do with your issue) because I've gotten a bunch of samples I can't even use, even if I was interested in trying them. 


-I have oily hair - received a hair oil for dry hair

-I am a woman looking for perfumes/spritzes - received men's cologne IN EVERY BOX

-I have oily, acneic skin - received face oil for dry skin


Plus, so few products are cruelty-free and not a single one in my last box was.  Spoilers for June are shaping up for more of the same. I imagine I'll be returning again this month and canceling.  I'm not sure I'll even continue shopping at Sephora.  They don't sell anything I can't get elsewhere for the same price or less and other stores have great rewards programs that actually reflect the needs and interests of their clients.


I have spoken with customer service after EVERY box has come and all they seem to say is "complete your beauty profile".  It HAS been completed since I signed up originally and I've redone it each month.  Nothing changes.  I don't think they use the beauty profile at all except as a marketing gimmick.


For anyone interested, Petit Vour is a box I've been trying out for a few months.  $15/month and 3 months in a row I've gotten boxes valued at near $100 each, high quality products that have worked amazingly for me, following my profile from day 1, and all cruelty free. There are a plethora of other subscription boxes for beauty in the same price range as Sephora, as well.

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