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Post in PLAY! by SEPHORA

Sept Playbox Disappointment and some Satisfaction

I received my play box yesterday and the perfume was half gone as it had spilled onto the rest of my products AND the Amika wave spray was 1/4 gone, having spilled onto the rest of the products, also. I was so mad. PLUS I had already received one of the products in my box from 3 months prior. I wrote a letter to Sephora and they refunded me the charge for Sept's play box. While this makes me happy that I didn't have to pay for the mess I received, I'm still very disappointed that I have nothing to play with this month. If sephora would have listened to my profile answers, they would know I did NOT want perfumes at all...then my box wouldn't be completely ruined by the spilled perfume. I'm really not sure why we do these profiling Q's as I've received 2 perfumes in the 4 months I've gotten the play box. Not sure how I'm going to 'get into the fall mood' with beachy wave Wisconsin. since they have refunded me my Sept box, I'm giving them one last try before I head to boxycharm or upgrade my ipsy glam bag to Ipsy Glam bag plus.

RE: Sept Playbox Disappointment and some Satisfaction

Same exact problem here. I could smell it before I opened the box!!! I’ve been trying to get rid of the massive headache I got as a “bonus” gift. Amika was 1/4 gone as well. So tired of repeats and items that have absolutely ZERO to do with my skin type, tone, etc. Seems like it’s the “leftovers” that didn’t all get used up in the Rewards Bazaar. I have enough hair products to now supply a small hair salon! Someone from Sephora needs to actually read all of these comments that say the same thing over and over and LISTEN to the customers. Or get out of the subscription business.

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