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Post in PLAY! by SEPHORA

Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion

Share photos and reviews on your Sephora Play Subscription Boxes here. If you're looking for reviews on any other box, look here: 


The subscription program is only offered by invitation at the moment. If you have not received an invite, you can join the waiting list here: 


I do not have control over who receives invitations (whether they live in test cities or not), but I will edit this once the program opens to new groups.


If you want more information on the program or have questions not related to someone's box review, please visit this thread:

Re: Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion

LOL!  I'll take it considering I used to get these notices but my box would take another week to arrive @michelleshops

Re: Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion

I like it!!!! ;')

Re: Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion

It feels odd to say it @wheeeee but this is the first time in a while that I've been satisfied with product selection.  I also don't know if I've ever seen a "bag" that I looked forward to using.

Re: Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion

The boxes sometimes are not exciting.


May seems a little more interesting.  


What is that brown stick?  Eyeshadow????

Re: Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion

@wheeeee Agreed I'd say I've had more misses with these boxes as a whole than hits, let's hope Sephora is FINALLY hearing our feedback & giving us things that aren't left overs 😉


The stick is a Nudestix lip crayon in Greystone, I believe everyone will receive this item

Re: Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion

I got my 280 box today too! I really like the bag, and I was pleasantly surprised with the size of the Skin Laundry. I also haven't tried this brand before, so I'm happy to get to experience a new product rather than something I already have 10 backups of.

Re: Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion

@ElleElleG you got a great box!! i got the rahua mask too, which i'm so excited for! i was hoping for the nudestix, but no dice, so i'll be interested to see how everyone likes it!

Re: Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion

Sorry @unfungirl I thought everyone was receiving the Nudestix this month, it may just be the Trestique product.  Some ladies received several Nudestix shades as gratis from sephora & several have left reviews of them if you're interested in their range of shades.

Re: Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion

Oh no worries @ElleElleG!!  I'm not sure it would even work for me anyway, which is why I wanted to try a mini :-) 


i'm sure I'll come across one sometime soon!

Re: Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion

Here was the Play! Birthday gift.  Comparing the size to the 2016 Spring VIB sale bag:





Thoughts about the event in the spoiler:



The group was pretty large (~16-20 people), most of whom stated they only RSVP'd to see what the gift was.  According to a couple ladies who attend regularly, 3-4 people for each event is the norm.

Because there were so many of us half of us were on each side of the makeup station.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself thanks in large part to the dynamic group we had.  The SA, who admitted being a bit overwhelmed by the number of people, was really nice and engaging.  Not only had she lined up the various items from each box, she also had other products that paired well with items from the box.  

Did I need another bag?  No, but it's better than that pen and notepad they handed out as a gift a couple months back.  Overall I am glad that I went.  I had a good time thanks to the other attendees and the SA.  Not sure how long the events typically run but we spent a little over an hour chatting with each other about the products & other Sephora things.


Here's to hoping they expand event locations soon!  

**Edited to Add: they did NOT have enough bags for everyone which was disappointing.  The only reason I received one was because another Play subscriber handed it to me & said she would wait for them to bring more.  Instead the SA had to run to the back & throw together 5-6 "goodie bags".  The positive is that they walked away with 6-8 deluxe samples, the downside is that because they were thrown together last minute there was no uniformity & at least one person noted several of the items she had received from the subscription previously.

Re: Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion

Thank you so much for sharing your experience @ElleElleG!  I'm glad you were able to get a gift and had a nice time!  I've always wondered what the Play! events are like.

Re: Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion

Absolutely @michelleshops!  I hope you have the opportunity to attend a "Play Date" soon!

Re: Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion

Thanks for sharing! Did you have to RSVP or was this a show-up only type of event????  @ElleElleG 

Re: Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion

@wheeeee It was an RSVP event, as all the Play! dates have been. However, at the one I went to, no one checked off your name to see if you actually had RSVP'd. 


It's typically been a link in the email you get once you receive your bag, but this time around, I think they did it differently. There were a bunch of ladies in my group who said they were having trouble RSVPing for it and that it was sending them to stores in Chicago and Ohio. I had an error when I first tried to RSVP, but was able to get it to work a couple hours after I tried the first time.

Re: Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion

@wheeeee @snoflakefaerie is correct.  You are supposed to RSVP and allowed to bring a +1.  My store had a checklist and verified everyone's reservation before the event began.

Re: Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion

I got the same tote on the left for a new store opening! Its really sturdy and well made. I'm so happy I got it Smiley Happy

Re: Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion

Glad to hear @wwTraveler I was concerned about the sturdiness!  I hate receiving those paper thin ones that aren't functional.

Re: Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion

The one I attended in Boston was similar to the one you attended @ElleElleG, though yours seemed better organized. I try to hit up a Play! event every couple months. It's usually between 2 and 10 people. This time around there were about 20 people there, most of whom only came for the gift. There were people who drove up from RI and Central Mass. 


(Spoilered because I rambled too much.)



The person who usually runs it wasn't there, so we had a different SA running things. I'm not sure if they paid attention to how many people RSVP'd or not because the set up wasn't very amenable to 20+ attendees. There were 2 high top tables put together against a wall, so people could only be on 3 sides. They usually have mirrors and sampling caddies set up to try everything, but this time the SA just had all the products lined up. I showed up right at 7 so I was behind 5 people and had some trouble hearing the SA. We usually all get to try the products and talk about what we like or don't like, but the group wasn't very interested in discussion. Plus due to the set up, it was hard to access the products and people weren't willing to pass them around. At the end of going through the products someone who drove from out of town asked about the gift, and the SA had no idea what she was talking about. At that point people got VERY grumbly; so they got a manager who after some time in the back pulled out 2 types of bags, one of  which was the tote Elle posted and the other was the left over floral "clutch" from the Rouge thing a couple weeks ago. I kind of thought they didn't actually have the intended gift, so I'm glad to see the bag was consistent. 


It definitely wasn't my favorite Play! experience. I found it kind of disappointing that most of the people there weren't interested in actually conversing or having fun with the products. At the end the SA offered to make samples for people. Due to the number of people there she was making them in batches of each product, but people weren't letting her actually label them or organize them before they just grabbed at them and put them in their pockets. This added to what was already a confusing situation.



Anyway, I'll keep going to them as long as I'm subscribed to Play! because the SA who usually runs them is really awesome and makes it fun, and usually it's a smaller more manageable group. I don't feel like this time around was a good indication of how the events normally go, fwiw.

Re: Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion

@snoflakefaerie I am sorry your event was not as organized but wow to people making the hike to attend!  It stinks that although people came for the gift that they weren't equally interested in engaging with the event.  Glad to hear that you have attended other Play dates/have had better experiences to counteract this one.


The SAs at my store checked everyone in/knew the number of people who RSVPd so I didn't understand why they failed to check the number of bags they had.  Granted, it's not like they had additional time to ask corporate to send more bags but having little goody bags premade would've certainly helped the sole SA running the event.  


Many of us did request samples but no one was grabby. To move things along the SA did allow some of us to create our own samples but by that time there were ~5 of us hanging around while she scrounged to make those additional gift bags.  I can't remember her name but I need to write a review for our SA, she was great despite the small mishaps.

Re: Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion

I attended my first PLAY! date (Tysons Corner, VA) on Tuesday. There were way too many people (30+) crammed into too small a space. The women who ran it were great, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, but it was hard to hear them because there was a group of women who talked and talked and talked at normal volume. I could tell it bothered the leaders.


They only had 10 of the gift bags, so most of us got shut out. In order to get one, they asked you to fill out the online survey and the first 10 people to finish got the bag. Based on the email sent, we all should have received bags, I think ("Gift is available to anyone who RSVPs and attends the PLAY! Date"). One attendee (not me) complained and was completely rebuffed. 


They gave out deluxe sample goodie bags for people who made a purchase, but we had to wait a long time to get them. They were making samples, but again, because of the size of the group, it was hard to get them. 


I'm not sure I'll go to another. The group was simply too large and between getting there 10 minutes early, as the invite said, making a purchase and waiting for my goodie bag, I was there for an hour and forty minutes.

Re: Play! By Sephora Subscription Box Review And Discussion

Got mine yesterday!  At first I was a little concerned because I was tracking my box and it was making progress until suddenly my tracking # was 'invalid,' but it seems like that was because it was delivered.  So if you get a similar response when tracking your package I wouldn't worry.


I was so excited for it to come, though I have to admit 75% of that excitement was just for being chosen and the other 25% was for the products themselves/box experience.  The packaging was just as cute in person as it looks online.  I definitely think it's the nicest I've seen of the boxes in this price point and I love that the box is pretty durable & cute.  It will definitely come in handy when storing things.  Also loved the range of products and brands.  I do hope going forward there won't be as much overlap with samples used for 100 point perks and promos, but I definitely prefer these brands over the ones I typically get in my Birchbox.  That said what I do like about Birchbox is it often introduces me to brands and products I might not have otherwise tried so I'd love if Sephora highlighted new products or standout brands that I might not have tried.  Really hoping there is some personalization down the road but happy with this first box.  Already opened up the Sheer Transformation since it's one of my favorite lightweight lotions although one nit - it is SO small 7mL when most of the samples I've gotten of it in the past have been 15 mL.  Had been expecting the lotion to be larger.

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