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Post in PLAY! by SEPHORA

Play! Box Experiment: I put Opposite Answers in my play! Profile

I've been subscribed to Play box for 11 months.

80% of the time, the boxes I received are not exactly what I want, and there is always another box there could fulfill my expectations.

I'm going to cancel my subscription in a couple months because I'm moving to a different place.
So now I want to play around the subscription boxes and do an experiment.

I changed all my profile answers, none of them match my real conditions, most of them are opposite answers. 
Now I am just waiting for my March box, see what I'm gonna get, and am I going to receive a box I like.
If you're interested, you can subscribe this thread and see what I'm getting next month. 

Here is my profile answers if you want to know. Grey check marks are my real answers, red are the wrong answers.





RE: Play! Box Experiment: I put Opposite Answers in my play! Profile

This was an interesting idea. But I’ll bet anything it takes *at least* 30 days to update your changes. And that’s a completely and entirely, 100% standard length of time for any new data input for almost anything in more companies and types of companies than we can even begin to imagine. Sooo, if you’re only allowing one month (one month, correct, or did I misconstrue something here??) to run your test, it’s not enough.... Some places, such as financial institutions of many types, would be pdq; rando, non-vital info—“No more red lippies!” “I want nudes!” “Ugh, I have five black eyeliners!” “Stop including primers!” “I received three black mascaras in three months!”—is not in any way urgent and so yeah, I wouldn’t count on seeing that change you’re looking for so quickly. Possible to do it quicker? Depends on the type of company; depends on any given business’s computer program, which is created specifically for various purposes suitable to them and their own business. Sometimes a system will pick up changes on its own—if it’s programmed to do so. Sometimes it’s someone’s job, among their other work—or maybe it’s one of the jobs of two or three people, to run that particular function manually; and more, we’d be clueless as to any given business’s own internal timeframes to do anything whatsoever to begin with. I would love if your idea were viable, that would be so great, and yeah, totally fun. But unfortunately there are too many factors—many more than I’ve even written here—which make this all an impossible means of “judgment.” Because this *is* judging. There is probably no way changing your preferences every single month can be an accurate means of determination one way or the other. Yet on the other hand...don’t be surprised when they surprise ya!* xo *Not reread for spelling or sense

RE: Play! Box Experiment: I put Opposite Answers in my play! Profile

Where is this profile? I use the app and haven’t seen this before.

RE: Play! Box Experiment: I put Opposite Answers in my play! Profile

not really sure. i also have the app. i filled out mine when i first ordered. there is also a profile in the app to fill out. click the 3 horizontal lines top left. click your photo. click profile.

RE: Play! Box Experiment: I put Opposite Answers in my play! Profile

That’s great!! I’m going to do the same too! Great experiment. 🤣
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