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It’s here! Your exclusive sneak peek at October.


This month is all about a creating a stunning complexion that lasts all day, so we’re giving you a sample of the legendary MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation. In addition to this Sephora PRO foundation fave you’ll also get the steps needed to prep and finish for a flawless look that lasts and lasts.




Hey guys! Sounds like some of you are worried about your upcoming Make Up For Ever foundation sample. We hear you! Foundation is hard to match perfectly but we did our best to send you your shade based on the answers in your PLAY! Profile Quiz (see link below!).


With six shades available as samples this month we realize it’s possible that the shade you receive might not be a perfect fit, but we encourage you to give it a try and then visit your local Sephora or Sephora Inside JCPenney to get color matched with a different shade if you’d like!


Still have questions? Make sure to watch this month’s boxing video where David covers how we pick the samples for each box and why we love this MUFE product so much.


October's Boxing Video:


PLAY! Profile Quiz:



Team PLAY!



Re: RE: 677 box

I got this box the biggest thing I think is the concern section. I have dark under eyes so I seem to be getting quite a bit of brightening/ highlighting items. hope that helps

Re: 677 box

Boo I wanted the Tory Burch perfume lol.


So Far I Love “Play”Smiley Happy What I don’t use I give to my Daughter and Also Put Together a Bit of Play For Teen Girls for Our Christmas Tree s(All Over Town In Stores That Participate) 95% Do) Were Are a Small Giving Town.We pick a Wish List To Make Someone Happy 🎄


Lol I give my stuff away too lol 😆


When do we get to see what’s in our box this month? Mine shipped out yesterday and it’s expected to be delivered Tuesday.


Google Sephora play box for October 2017, it will show all October boxes.

Beauty box fail on this one :( .... I don't mean to be cr...

Beauty box fail on this one Smiley Sad .... I don't mean to be critical but as beauty experts you should know that our play profiles don't give you anywhere near enough info to try to match us for foundation. My skin tone is fair according to my profile. But really it's fair to medium with very pink/rosy undertones. Honestly there's such a huge swing there, someone with fair skin and neutral undertones, or olive, or yellow is going to need a completely different color.....At least with lipstick or eyeshadow even if it's not your best color you can find a makeup or fashion look it goes with. If a skincare product isn't quite right you can save it for when your skin is drier or more oily than usual, or whatever the application calls for. With foundation, it matches great or it doesn't, and you look ridiculous.

there's literally a section of your profile where you lis...

there's literally a section of your profile where you list which foundation number or color you wear, and there's a ridiculous number of brands to choose from that you can color match with. so no, it's not completely impossible for them to do a color match based on the info from your profile.

Really? Well if that's the case that's great. Would you m...

Really? Well if that's the case that's great. Would you mind explaining where that is exactly so I can fill it out? Thanks for the info, much appreciated!

RE: Beauty box fail on this one :( .... I don't mean to be cr...

Oh dang did you get yours already?


I just received a sample of this foundation and it is light and goes on flawlessly. However it doesn’t provide much coverage.


It ships the 3rd week of the month


Still donut know how to use foundation so it'll be another item I give away, still absolutely love the play boxes and use the majority of what I am sent!

YouTube girl! There are several different ways to apply f...

YouTube girl! There are several different ways to apply foundation. You just have to find what works best for you.


I've had a lot more enjoyment if instead of giving products away, i try them on for myself. I recommend the same for you. It's not a full size product so feel free to give foundation a shot. Truthfully I just put mine on like moisturize and look fine. What's the worst that could happen? Experimentation is a big part of humanity btw. The purpose of the box is to try new things, so have fun w it!


I can’t wait to try this! I’m new to Sephora and have no idea how I lived with out it 😮

Hello, I just subscribed in late August, so I'm new too....

Hello, I just subscribed in late August, so I'm new too. I received the September box and just like you... why did we not sign up sooner!?! 😉


So excited to try this foundation!!


I love MUFE HD foundation so I will definitely use it so long as it’s a close match.


Good grief. More MUFE HD foundation that won’t match. You’d think from my purchase history they’d get that I wear Armani Maestro and that’s it. Bare Minerals mineral veil? Philosophy amazing grace? IT cosmetics Illuminator for someone with oily skin, also right on the mark. Is this box coming from QVC and not Sephora? Is this 2006? A sample of micellar water, big deal. I might try the primer, but I’ll give the rest to a friend. I’ve been a subscriber since Sephora ran the trial in my city and if November and December aren’t much better, I’m done too. Why am I bothering to pay this $10 for one sample a month I might use? I give it all away or it goes into the garbage. Not to mention any Sephora would give me these samples anytime I asked! They’d probably look at me strange for actually wanting a sample of old tired products. It’s actually pretty simple to write a formula in a database to select who gets what or hasn’t tried something. I’d even be happy with one full sized Sephora brand thing a month if it was useful. I don’t expect Sephora to cater to me specifically, which would be impossible for $10, but it does always seem like they’re shedding excess samples nobody wanted.

omg complain some more, maybe that'll help

omg complain some more, maybe that'll help