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Post in PLAY! by SEPHORA

May Play WORST box!

I am really disappointed in my May Play Box. First, you've already sent me this mascara a couple months ago. And as i said then, i am not a fan of the plastic applicator; i prefer a more bristly wand applicator. Second, my profile preferences clearly state that i am in NO way interested in lotions/bath/body products, so i don't understand why i was sent the Dream Cream. I will be regifting that. Third, the Smashbox Matte About You liquid lip bleeds TERRIBLY. I mean i was shocked when i looked in a mirror 20 mins after applying! I won't be wearing that in public! So disappointing. I normally don't really like receiving hair products, but as it turns out, the Alterna Literal Protection spray was one of the only things that actually made sense and will likely get used. I also am liking the It Cosmetics Puff Be Gone under eye cream,but i feel like i literally get an under eye cream almost every month! I also subscribe to Ipsy and Birchbox, and i always THOUGHT Sephora Play was higher quality because of the prestigious name and store (i buy allmy makeup from Sephora! They should know my preferences, AND they should have way better samples than the competition) but this month my box wasa FLOP😓 The competitions products are bigger, better, and cater more to my preferences.. My birthday is in August, and if i don't see some serious improvement/incentive, that might be my last month with Play.🤷‍♀️ ANYBODY ELSE feel like the quality of the boxes has seriously declined recently? I thought once you switched to those cheap plastic bags the quality of the samples would improve, not get worse....


May Play WORST box!

I guess i'm the only one getting disappointed in my boxes???
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