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Post in PLAY! by SEPHORA


Heya PLAYers,


Want even MORE spoilers?! If so, check out out this month's Boxing Video, now on YoutTube. Watch here:





3…2…1…It’s glow time!


This month your PLAY! by SEPHORA box contains GLAMGLOW SUPERCLEANSE Clearing Cream-to-Foam Cleanser, a unique formula that contains three types of charcoal for pure pore perfection.


We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


Team PLAY!



The countdown to your first PLAY! by SEPHORA box of 2018 starts now!


The theme for this month’s box is Happy You Year, and it’s all about crushing your beauty resolutions. Get ready for a box full of products that’ll set you up for the most beautiful year yet.


Be on the lookout for more teasers about January's box.



Team PLAY!

Learn more about PLAY! by SEPHORA: Showcasing this month's PLAY! by SEPHORA subscription box! Learn all the products sampled in January, why we chose them, and who they work best for. The theme for January's box is Happy You Year, and it's going to help you set and crush all

One of the reasons I picked Sephora is because of the per...

One of the reasons I picked Sephora is because of the perfume samples and now they're not putting them in most boxes. So sad. I wish there was some way to personalize your boxes, I see some boxes I would have loved. Not crazy about the one I received. Not sure how long I will continue.



To emphasize my post yesterday, 6 Mo worth of, (Basically the same,) lip color. Come on, Sephora!


Yikes. You called girl, spot on. 🤦🏻‍♀️


My closest Sephora is inside a JC Penney, which is fine except the last 2 times I’ve gone they were unable to scan my play passes off the virtual wallet on my phone. The employees then scolded me for not having the actual card..... Why do I always get a notification to add my play pass to my virtual wallet if I can’t use it in the store and the employees are going to yell at me? This is the second time I’ve had to contact customer service with this complaint. That and the overall diminishing quality of the boxes with repeat products is making me highly consider canceling.

The one I went to, flat out refused to scan my virtual ca...

The one I went to, flat out refused to scan my virtual card. I'm so forgetful of those cards, the virtual makes it easier for me. Another time, one got super hateful with me when I questioned the price of a product due to it ringing up different price(even though several otherof product was in same area), I was hatefully told there was nothing she could do.. Among other reasons, I've quit shopping there. I've only gotten one email from the store manager, after complaining to customer service 3 times, and she didn't apologize for hardly anything, just basically made up more excuses by giving me a run around about my complaints. I won't be back. If I feel I need a product out of my Play box, I'll just order online. Mine is also inside a JCPenney. I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with rudeness and hatefulness too.


Love this month's Play! box! The fresh lip treatment was something I had my eye on for the longest time but I couldn't bring myself to get. And I'm looking forward to trying the eye cream too! Overall, I love these boxes with more skincare, it's the reason why I subscribed. Great job on this one Sephora.


I was really disappointed to see that my box didn’t contain a lipstick or the Becca highlighter, while others did. How can I change my preferences so I get more things like those boxes. I notice last month some people got a liquid lipstick as well and I did not.

There is no way to extra personalize on Play for what you...

There is no way to extra personalize on Play for what you're wanting. Some will tell you to change your profile preferences, but that doesn't work as far as extra for lipstick, highlighters, colors etc. You could try Ipsy, Birchbox or Boxycharm for that kind of personalization. A lot of people have Ipsy on here too. I did. They were great as far as extrapersonal stuff. However, Play will send you name brand. Whereas Ipsy had a tendency to send cheap products. Hope this helps! 💗

RE: There is no way to extra personalize on Play for what you...

I had Ipsy before and I did like the personalization they had, but I like the brands better in play. I have a twin sister and she gets Ipsy and I get PLAY so I get the best of both worlds 😊


This is my first Play! box and I'm super disappointed.  It's all moisture stuff.  I have the greasiest skin ever.  EVER.  I *layer* mattifying products.  If I use any of this everything will slide off my face within 15 minutes.  


Ok, it's January.  I get that.  But I can't use any of this stuff.  Even the hair stuff I can't use because the Moroccan oil just makes my greasy hair more greasy.  


I wish there was a way to return it.  If next month's box is all about moisturizing stuff then I'm outta here.  


My profile says I have oily skin but my age is 63.  Maybe they looked at my age and just decided that I *must* need moisture because no one *gets* oily skin?  I don't know.  


I'm just bummed in the extreme is all.

There is no way to extra personalize on Play for what you...

wrong comment

sorry. wrong comment

sorry. wrong comment


Which box did you get/what was in yours?


Ok, so I HATE the perfume samples and I was really excited that they didn’t have that this time. I’m actually really excited about all of the products in my box, the only thing that disappointed me was the fact that Sephora sent me a list of things that were supposed to be in my box and the one thing I was most excited about (the toner) wasn’t there. Smiley Sad

Contact Customer Service. I've seen a lot of posts of hav...

Contact Customer Service. I've seen a lot of posts of having missing products in boxes this month. I'm sorry this happened to you too.


Beware, Sephora delievered my order but they delivered it to a completely different address and told me to travel there to get it! I have to do a chargeback on my credit card because they refuse to do anything. DO NOT SHOP HERE 


Really disappointed in this box. Where are the perfume samples?


Does this mean they're not doing perfume samples any more?  That was the main reason I signed up.  My teen daughters take most of the stuff but that perfume sample was mine, lol.  Really disappointed if they've done away with the perfume sample. 


I think it’s just due to the theme of the box that there weren’t perfume samples this time.


Just wanted to add to the other posts about this months box being disappointing. First, ship time...what in the world?! On box contents...I have also had the hair mask before, (Still have the last one because it's not something I use often.) Also, the lip glosses are ALWAYS so close to the same color with either a little more mauve tone or a little more brown town, (Thank goodness it's not the more mauve tone because my 9 year old has all the Play box mauve lipsticks and glosses she will need for a lifetime! Not a flattering color for a woman my age.) The Clinique eye cream...I am pretty sure we could get a sample the same size for free!  It's tiny and half full!  PLEASE step it up. I am on the fence with whether I will continue, leaning towards not continuing. This box was extremely disappointing.


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