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Post in PLAY! by SEPHORA

Incorrect items?? (pictures included)

Hello, I am writing because this because I am so confused about my play subscription. I was supposed to be getting specific items and instead got other random items. I love this subscription but this isn’t the first time this has happened and I’m starting to get a bit upset. I really wanted what I thought I was getting 😩 Has this happened to you before?

Re: Incorrect items?? (pictures included)

 I just re-subscribed in June and this happened.  It looks like the app has incorrect information, however, the actual website has the right information on what products you are getting.  I have logged out of the app numerous times and have reinstalled and it still shows the incorrect information.  

Re: Incorrect items?? (pictures included)

I should add that the app and the website are also showing different items for July. 

RE: Incorrect items?? (pictures included)

I had the exact same thing happen with the exact same products. I opened my email, clicked on the link and it showed me what I should be getting (the exact same items that showed you should have gotten). A couple days later when I went on the app that inbox message had another “preview” of what I would be getting. Out of habit I clicked it and the “preview” was COMPLETELY different (and the exact same items you show that you received). A few days after that my box came and what I got was the second set of preview items. I was desperately hoping for the items in the email and not on the app.

Re: Incorrect items?? (pictures included)

Hi @ScorpioSpoonie I'm so sorry for the confusion! That landing page should show you the correct items once you are signed in. Please send me a PM if it does not update with the correct products while signed in. 

Re: Incorrect items?? (pictures included)

Mine continues to do the same thing. I am already signed in, asks me to sign in for PLAY! Once that is done is still shows be the previous month and/or the current month. For June box three out of the group was not what I received at all. It also shows my May bag and I have still never even gotten that bag. Made sure laptop was up to date on OS, made sure Chrome was running at top version and made sure app was up to date as well. Everything checks out fine, except for this.

Re: Incorrect items?? (pictures included)

Hi KeelyBT--Even when signed in, about half the time the landing page is incorrect--just a heads up!  I'm to the point that I think, "Oh that's nice" but no longer expect what's in the email to be what's in my box--signed in or not.

RE: Re: Incorrect items?? (pictures included)

Yes, exactly! Same here! My whole post was talking about how I was signed in and how everything was not correct and I got different products than what was shown. It doesn’t do that every month but it’s happened at least 4 or 5 times now.

Re: RE: Re: Incorrect items?? (pictures included)

Hi @ScorpioSpoonie,


I will send you a PM to further assist you. 




Re: RE: Re: Incorrect items?? (pictures included)

I responded to your message. Here are the screen shots you asked for, showing the difference between the products  ❤️C094DEF9-D4A0-45B4-8B81-D09AD456B418.png








Re: RE: Re: Incorrect items?? (pictures included)

Hi @ScorpioSpoonie,


I have responded to your DM. Thanks!


Re: Incorrect items?? (pictures included)

I've had this happen about half of the time.  I don't understand why it does, and no one at Sephora has been able to explain it to me.  If they can't fix their systems, they just shouldn't send out the emails.  I agree that it's really disheartening to get all excited about what you'll be getting and then be let down when the box arrives with different products.



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