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Post in PLAY! by SEPHORA

How do they use the profiles?

In my box this month I received the benefit cosmetics gimme brow in 4.5. It specifically says it was chosen for my hair color. I’m blonde, my profile says I’m blonde and yet I got a medium dark brown eyebrow gel. What the hell?

How do they use the profiles?

Same thing happened to me. I'm blonde, use shade 1, and recieved 4.5 based on my hair color. SMH. Guess Halloween is coming up...

RE: How do they use the profiles?

Urrgh same happened to me, im brunette and i got the warm blonde version 🤦🏼‍♀️

RE: How do they use the profiles?

Me too. I wear shade 1 in Benefit. 🙄

Re: How do they use the profiles?

Hi @mnicolls,


We try to send items as close to your profile as possible. However, there is no guarantee we can send an exact match each month. I recommend trying the products to see if the formula is to your liking then we can shade match you in-store when you go in to redeem your Play! Pass. Additionally, I will also share your feedback with the Play! Team.



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