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Customer service is abysmal.

Upon realizing that I had a 1/3 chance of receiving an item I'm allergic to (the porefessional primer), I called customer service and asked that they ensure that that item is not included in my box, as it has not yet shipped. They said that would not be an issue, and said that they would put a note on my account to make sure that that happens.


I initiated a chat this evening in order to confirm that I won't be paying $10 for a box of stuff I can't use. Instead of a confirmation of that, I was faced with a customer service agent who clearly could not care less about the well being of customers. I was told that I should wait for the package to arrive and then 'refuse delivery' even though that's not an option with packages requiring no signature- and then I was told to wait until it arrived and then try to return it, even though that's not an option either according to the FAQ. I said that that made no sense, and yes, I got angry and used the word hell, as in 'how the hell does that make sense'- and was promptly told not to curse, and then disconnected.


This is especially disconcerting, given that I have an autoimmune disorder, lupus. Allergic reactions are no laughing matter in your typical person, but with me, it opens a greater potential for hospitalization. And this is not the first time I've had to confront them about endangering my safety, since they regularly include random samples in online orders that I specifically did not request that I am very often allergic to. 


If a customer is worried about their safety, and feels like they are being cheated out of their money, then their concerns should be addressed. A customer should not have to repeat themselves twenty times to a brick wall that refuses to acknowledge a glaring issue. 

Anonymous Insider

Customer service is abysmal.

This happened to me for April and I ended up with the wrong box and used products. CS was terrible I called 5 or 6 times and the mods didn't do anything. I was assured after the 16th of the month I would get the correct box free of charge for all the trouble but I just gave up because every person who responded came up with a different reason they couldn't help me. My advice is to not bother changing it. you'll do yourself more harm and the warehouse won't pay attention to the request. Good Luck tho!!

Customer service is abysmal.

maybe sub boxes aren't for you?? I mean, we never know what we are going to get and there are so many potential allergic reactions out there for many people. if you do get items you can't use, Facebook has groups to swap makeup you want, for that you don't. as well as my subscription that has a swap site to help trade and get something you want and cam use. with so many different allergies these days all can't realistically be covered. sorry you got that and I hope it works out for you better. maybe a swap site will make things easier?!?!

Re: Customer service is abysmal.

I'm fine receiving something I can't use because I'm allergic to it, because I have two sisters who also use and love makeup that I can gift products to- I'm not fine receiving something that I can't use after I explicitly made it clear to the company before my box shipped (it still hasn't shipped, btw) that I could not use the product because I'm allergic to it. In other words, I'm fine receiving things that I don't have foreknowledge of being allergic to, I just don't want to receive stuff I already know I can't use.


The whole point of this subscription for me is to find makeup that I can use- it's much easier to just go through some samples every month than it is to waste a crap ton of money buying full size items I'll never use. 

Re: Customer service is abysmal.

Hi @ilyena,


I sincerely apologize about your experience with the Customer Service Agent you spoke with. I'll be sending you a private message shortly in regards to your post. 


Best Regards,

❤️ Raquel 

RE: Customer service is abysmal.

That’s awful! They should offer to send you a different sample Incase your box is pre selected and you are getting the primer. Ipsy sent me eyeliner last month and then I saw this month I was getting more- I sent them an email, they apologized and sent me a list of items and let me choose a random free one. And they sent it!
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