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Cancelled subscription

I have only been a subscriber for a few months and was generally happy with the Play boxes. I had to toss the perfume samples each month because I don't wear perfume, and other than one dark bite beauty lipstick that was unwearable for my skin tone that I received a few months back, I liked the boxes. But after receiving the May box, I had to cancel because yet again, another perfume sample came. And yet again, an even darker bite beauty unwearable lipstick came, and even worse the facial cleanser bottle was completely empty. So 3 items were trashed. I know it's only a $10 box, but no one likes the feeling of throwing money away.

Re: Cancelled subscription

They obviously don't take our profiles into account at all.  I subscribed a few months ago after looking at boxes from the previous year and liking or at least wanting to try most of the products from each month.  I figured that if in a year's worth of boxes, I only really didn't want anything to do with a handful of samples, then my $10/month wouldn't be wasted on this. 


I was so wrong.


At least you're getting perfume.  I keep getting men's cologne; FYI, I'm a woman and not one who happens to love wearing men's cologne. On top of that, so few products are cruelty free and even if they were, they are nearly all useless to me.  It's so extreme I'm starting to feel as though they have an issue with the algorithm and are intentionally sending products that directly contradict my profile answers.


After my first box, I chalked it up to a one month miss.  I wouldn't expect every single box to be amazing for me, after all.  After the second box, I emailed customer service.  That was a waste of time.  A week of emails back and forth and I NEVER received a response appropriate to my situation.  It was clear they have a list of canned answers and can't/won't respond to the actual email being sent.  It was ridiculous.  I decided to let it go and see what happened the next month.  Third month, more garbage and men's cologne.  This time I called customer service and was given the same advice from the previous month - "complete your beauty profile to receive products tailored to you".  My beauty profile has been complete since I signed up and I've redone it each month to see if that was the issue.  It's not.  I pushed on this and although they would not send me appropriate products, they did let me return the box for a refund.  The refund took 4 additional phone calls to actually receive and still no answer was given for why I'm getting products that are useless to me or how to fix the issue.  I'm giving this one more month and will return for a refund again and cancel if they don't get their act together.  Already, the spoilers are showing mostly products that test on animals, so I don't exactly have high hopes.


I don't know what happened between last year and this year, but there are way too many great beauty boxes out there in the same price range to keep dealing with this nonsense.  My logic in giving this more time was that at least I got 50 extra points each month to get other rewards, but even those have gone downhill.  Most are tested on animals and the few that aren't are out of stock immediately.  I'm losing reasons to keep shopping at Sephora at all.

Cancelled subscription

Hi jessesmom! I'm sorry you're having a bad time. I am right there with you!! 😲 I belong to 2 of these types of beauty subscriptions and they are BOTH driving me nuts!! this month I got mascara in one and some kinda eyelash primer in this one!! OH yes and they both sent me a dark mauve/red lip balm/gloss. I looked at some reviews and see people complaining about a clear gloss, if only!! The perfume was ok but I mean really!!?? Do any of these people read our beauty profiles?? Why do they have us even fill it out? All it should ask is male or female, black or white? As for the rest they don't look at it!! I am fair skinned and don't go into the sun much. But I've had the sol de janero cream in the green on favorites list since I got here. What do they send me? Sunscreen!! 😡😡 As for that lady saying donate to the homeless!!?? 😡😡 Bullcrap! I ain't paying my monthly fee, while on disability, to provide something else for them to keep track of!! I was in they're shoes 3 years ago and I know most of them are on disability as well, many getting checks larger than mine. So before people start being high and mighty telling you what to do with your box stuff, they need to know more about you honey. And if you cancel a don't go to Ipsy they're not any better.

RE: Cancelled subscription

I actually like Ipsy but I understand the frustration of getting products you can’t use. I’m very hesitant to but, I’m almost sure I’m going to subscribe to this. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s not going to be a complete waste money. I’m going to allow only three bad boxes. If I get a fourth bad box, I will cancel. Wish me luck!!!!

Anyone who suggests that someone should throw away goods...

Anyone who suggests that someone should throw away goods instead of donating them, because in your words those homeless people make more in disability than you do, has problems.

Re: Cancelled subscription

So, they add the perfume samples in the box as a 'beauty bonus' product... So it technically isn't part of your five items in your box... It is a freebie. I can understand how that would be frustrating though, if you didn't know that. In addition, I know it stinks getting products you think you can't use, but just remember that you get the Play Pass and exclusive stuff for having the subscription. 


I mainly just wanted to reply, though, and suggest that if you ever subscribe again...I would strongly encourage you to save the perfume samples and any lipsticks or other items you cannot use and donate them to Homeless Shelters or to Domestic Violence Women's Shelters. From my personal and professional experience, you'd be surprised how much a lipstick and perfume means to these ladies. They feel more confident... They feel more empowered to go to job interviews because they feel like they will look more appropriate and most of's just a really incredible treat for them because many have lost everything they have (or had to walk away from it)... And it just makes them feel pampered and like a real person that matters. I know it's hard to comprehend how something so small can make a huge impact, but it can. 


I implore you to think twice before you throw away these things in the future and think about the women who would be honored and overjoyed to have the privilege to have high-end makeup and perfume. ❤️❤️


With Love,


Mindy Sue

RE: Re: Cancelled subscription

I agree fully! Donating unused, unopened product is always a great option. Everyone lives a different life and I’ve seen how happy some people get when sharing products with them! Even the smallest things can make a positive impact.

Re: Cancelled subscription

Hi @jessesmom1,


I'm so sorry to hear you cancelled your PLAY! Subscription and thank you for sharing this feedback with us! I'll be sure to share this with our PLAY! Team so that they can take this into consideration for any future changes. Additionally, I'm sorry to hear one of your items was empty! If you have not yet been assisted, please send me a PM with the order number and name of the item so I can help. Thank you.



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