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Post in Oily Skin

how to stop my face from being oily

my face is always oily after school.  I wash it in the morning and at night.  I put on the usual makeup: sephora foundation concealer power and it always seems to get oily after school.  In the morning its ok but then it gets really gross.  how can i stop it from getting all oily?


you might be using a harsh face wash.   People think that...

you might be using a harsh face wash.


People think that if you have oily skin need to get rid of all oil...and this is not true. If you strip an oily face of it's oils, it will only produce even MORE oil.


I have really really really oily skin and following these steps from my dermatalogist has changed my life:


1. try using a ph balanced face wash. ...I use GoClear Clarifying face wash. It's oil free, but doesn't strip your face. It's so creamy and your face feels really clean but not dried out.


2. Even though you have oily skin, you still MUST use moisterizer. My dermatologist has come out in various magazines and shows, and SHE recommended me a DRUGSTORE  brand moisterizer. Changed my skin. It's called Cerave.*** I'm only mentioning that thing about my dermatologist so you can see that you don't need a super extensive hoidy toidy moisterizer***


3.Wash your face work outs, and at night when you take of your make up....but in the morning just using luke warm water should suffice, since you already cleased your face at night. ...if you really want to, use a super super small amount of face wash.


She also recommended me the Clarisonic Face brush, which I already had. I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT IT. I'm over here in Afghanistan, and I have my husband ship me my Clarisonic. Sometimes if I don't use it for a couple of days I notice my skin looks EHH. lol  A great great Investment.


Blotting sheets...can't live without them either.


So you'll always have oil on  your face, but you can control it.


Also whenever you can, give your skin a break from make up.


Remember MOISTURIZE!!!!!!!!!

Blotting sheets are really good and do help thought out t...

Blotting sheets are really good and do help thought out the day...

I second the person on using a moisturizer and blotting s...

I second the person on using a moisturizer and blotting sheets. I would also like to add that using an oil-free moisturizer is also key. I'm not sure if you already use a moisturizer or if you just don't use one period, but if you find that perfect moisturizer, it should cut down on the oil at least. I don't believe a person with oily skin can actually get rid of all that oil, but control is important. If you're looking for a SPF, Murad Oil Control Mattifier SPF 15 works well if you're one of those low-maintenance people. Although this mattifier is not oil-free, it's surprisingly not oily compared with other sunscreens. I hope this helps and good luck!

I have learned from personal experience with my own oily...

I have learned from personal experience with my own oily skin that the best way to control the oil is by adding moisture. I know you would think using a moisturizer when trying to get rid of oiliness is the opposite of what you should do but it really works. My skin has been producing much less oil since I have started using a moisturizer on my face. I apply moisturizer after i wash my face and before i apply my makeup. You will probably have to shop around for what the best moisturizer will be for your skin (I use a drugstore brand) but once you get into a routine of using it, it will do wonders for your skin. If you still find you are a little bit oily, I would carry oil blotting sheets around and use them throughout the day to touch up your skin and reduce shine. I hope this is helpful!

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